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Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Pepperberry Tailored Blazer

The Pepperberry Tailored Blazer

It’s the beginning of another working week and the start of a new month. What will be your outfit of choice this Monday, a suit or jeans maybe, or something in between? According to a recent article in a tabloid newspaper, we are a scruffy bunch when we it comes to dressing for work. The accompanying survey said 65% people wear jeans in their workplace and 36% say jeans are part of their weekly working wardrobe. So what is going on? We used to be a nation of smart dressers, from the 40s to the 80s the suit was an essential part of the work look. Men in white collar jobs who didn’t wear uniforms would almost certainly be wearing a suit to work and ladies would wear a suit with a skirt worn, instead of trousers. It is true that many workplaces these days don’t require this level of smart dress, but it is also true that how you dress can affect your performance, change how people view you and how you feel about yourself. If you saw Mary Portas’s latest show on Channel 4; Mary’s Bottom Line, she interviewed hundreds of candidates for only seven positions, one interviewee got the job because he had made an effort with his dress. He had borrowed a suit from a friend, it wasn’t a perfect fit, but he still looked smart and presentable and that is what mattered.

As it is a brand new month you could perform your own work wear experiment. If you usually dress casually, ditch the jeans and opt for the smart instead. Try it for the week and see how it makes you feel, how people react to you and whether it makes difference to your performance and your week. If you are a bit light on work wear, take a look at these great items from Pepperberry’s spring collection, it might give you some ideas.

  • The Blue Stripe Shirt is a classic smart shirt, with small pinstripes and a lovely pintuck detail and there will be absolutely no pulling over the boobs in this shirt.
  • The Sweetheart Neckline Workwear Dress, is a perfect work wear dress available in mink. It’s a fitted tailored dress has a sweetheart neckline and stab stich detailing.
  • The Notch Neck Dress is another gorgeous choice for your working wardrobe, it is available in a cotton stretch fabric and comes in navy. This dress is tailored and skims those curves beautifully, and it has half sleeves with the same notch detailing as the neckline and is finished off with stunning pink lining.
  • The Tailored Pencil Skirt is following the 1940’s trend, enhancing the waist and hugging the hips, this navy skirt makes a real statement with the matching Tailored Blazer, which looks great with trousers too. The blazer has striped lining, which gives it a contemporary feel.

For more work wear ideas like these, check out our brand new Pepperberry summer range.


The Stripe Belted Dress

The Stripe Belted Dress

It’s been an eventful first twelve months for our clothing range Pepperberry. Over the year we have bought you great pieces from our collection. There have been some fabulous prom style dresses, some stunning evening maxi dresses, some real classics like our leather jacket and classic everyday shirt. There have also been some on trend pieces, like our city shorts and our super glam jumpsuit. As well as some great clothes, we have our new Body Styling Shape Service online, which helps you to discover which styles from Pepperberry will really work for your figure. So with more styles and more help in choosing those styles, shopping at Pepperberry has never been so easy and so enjoyable!
The Colour Block Dress

The Colour Block Dress

Here’s some brand new spring pieces from Pepperberry, that we are really rather excited about, we are sure you will love them too. Who says big boobed girls can’t wear stripes? The Stripe Belted Dress, which comes in multi stripe of tan, dark brown and white, will flatter the boobs, due to the crossover v neckline and the all over stripe print, also draws the eye away from the chest area. Made from soft jersey, with a contrasting plait belt in tan, this easy-to-wear dress will quickly become a spring favourite.

The colour blocking trend will still be big this spring/summer and Pepperberry’s Colour Block Dress is a great example of this trend, mixing orange, which is a key colour this spring/summer, with vibrant pink. This dress is cut under the bust with a pin tuck detail and it hugs the hips beautifully.

The Crochet Back Top

The Crochet Back Top

Lace and crochet is another trend which will roll on until summer, the Crochet Back Top, is a pretty jersey top which converts from day to night, if you throw on some heels and a blazer. The curved v-neckline with soft gathers, and cap sleeves, make this top extra flattering. The crochet and lace panel on the back is a stunning detail, that turn this top into a real statement top.

We are very proud of Peppeberry and what we have achieved in our first year. We are unique to the high street in bringing great fashion that never compromises on style to bigger boobed ladies. As our saying goes, our clothes are ‘designed with your boobs in mind’ and that’s what makes us special. We hope you feel we are getting it right and we will continue to fly the fashion flag for big boobed girls.


Oh how we love the weekend, two full days away from work (apologies, if you are one of the many that have to work this weekend, but this is relevant to you too, so keep reading). If you are planning a shopping trip, you may come home a bit disappointed, with cries of “It’s just so summery, I couldn’t find anything…”

It’s not just you so don’t worry. It’s that tricky time of the year between winter and spring. Americans call it ‘Transition’, we just call it ‘Difficult’. We never know quite what to pick from our wardrobes or buy from the shops. Even though the crocuses are popping up and we may have seen the last of the arctic weather, there is still a nip in the air and we need to dress accordingly.

Pepperberry, our clothing brand, are on hand to bring you our essential guide to dressing for ‘right now’. We have selected some of the best pieces from our current collection that will look great whether you are working all weekend or whether you are out and about.

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Biker Jackets are a classic, a great investment and will never date. Pepperberry’s Leather Jacket is a jacket that you will never want to part with and it is also perfect for this time of year. This one has ribbed panels at the sides, so it will stretch and fit perfectly over your boobs. The two rows of statement buttons give it a military feel. This jacket will look great with skinny jeans, a bodycon dress, or pencil skirt.

The Printed Cardigan is the perfect spring buy, available in a floral print, it has an extra wide ribbing which will create a lovely nipped in waist. The Printed Cardigan looks great buttoned up with indigo bootcut jeans or with skinny jeans. Try it with our Coloured Skinny Jeans in camel or navy or with the Drape Capped Sleeve Dress, as shown.

The Blue Stripe Shirt is a classic tailored shirt, with a pin tuck detail running down the front. Pastels are big news this spring and the pale blue pinstripe follows this trend. This shirt looks great with skinny jeans and knee high boots, add a blazer and a scarf and you have a great spring look.

Big Button Coatigan

Big Button Coatigan

The Big Button Coatigan is a great buy at this time of year, the current weather is not cold enough for a big thick coat, so the Coatigan is a perfect solution. It is available in navy, it has super flattering ribbed detailing down the sides and around the waist, ceramic buttons and it is fully lined in a contrast colour. A great cover up for spring.

For more essential spring pieces check out the new Pepperberry range on or visit one of our stores this weekend.


Shopping for clothes isn’t always an enjoyable experience. What looks lovely on the hanger doesn’t always look great ‘on’. We don’t always know what suits us and relying on our friends opinions may not be the solution, as sometimes they tell us what they think we want to hear, rather then the truth. So wouldn’t it be great if we could shop for clothes feeling confident that what we pick for ourselves will look good on us, maybe even fabulous. Well now ladies, you can. Pepperberry, have just introduced a Body Shape Styling Service, where you can be your very own stylist. We have discovered three main body shapes, Straight, Balanced, and Shaped. Using our flow chart online, you can identify your own.

As a quick guide, Straight means your shoulders are equal to or wider than your hips and you have little or no waist definition. When you gain weight, it shows around your middle.
If you are Balanced, your hips are in line with your shoulders and your waist is well defined. When you gain weight, it will show evenly all over your body.
And lastly, if you are Shaped, your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have a well-defined waist, with fuller hips and thighs. When you gain weight, it shows on your hips, thighs and bottom.

Another great way to find your body shape is to dress in leggings and a close fitting t-shirt or vest and ask a friend to take a picture of you from the behind. If a friend is not available, try standing in front of a mirror and take a picture of yourself, you should be able to see the back of your figure in the reflection in the mirror. Don’t try to work out what shape you are from the front, as your bigger boobs will make it difficult to trace the line of your body.

After you have identified what body shape you are, there are three examples of each shape using our lovely members of staff, they are all wearing a different piece of Pepperberry clothing, which is perfect for their particular body shape. We have also listed some top tips for styling, whether you are Straight, Balanced or Shaped. And, if that’s not enough, you can then click at the bottom of the page and start shopping for Pepperberry clothes that are most suited to you.

So ladies, what are you waiting for… A future without fashion mishaps and style mistakes. Try our online guide and discover that stylist within.