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Perfect picnic food

We Brits love a picnic and whether you go for haute cuisine or a simple French baguette and cheese, there’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors with some yummy food and a flask

of tea of course! So here are some ideas to make a perfect picnic;

  • Make it a home-made picnic, sandwiches and salads are much cheaper and often healthier when made at home. A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to food so make
    Have a picnic...

    Have a picnic...

    sure you have enough time to prepare your dishes and do some preparation the evening before if you plan on leaving early the next day.

  • If it’s an impromptu picnic, get the basics; bread, cheese, ham, salad and get stuck in with your fingers!
  • Try making wraps instead of sandwiches, it’s much more fun! Carrot and cucumber batons with hummus are also a healthier option than breadsticks.
  • Use leftovers, made too much pasta again for dinner? Then use what’s left to make a pasta salad, just add some pesto, ham, olives and serve with rocket for a full flavour dish.
  • Take something sweet to complete the feast make sure you have something to satisfy your sweet cravings. Cakes, scones and strawberries with cream will round off a very British day out nicely.
  • Don’t forget the props, the food is sorted but it’s the blanket, chairs, plates, games to keep the kids entertained and extras that will make your picnic more comfortable and enjoyable!

Happy picnicking!