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What Nursing Bra To Wear When Pregnant

The Ava Nursing Bra

Being pregnant and having a baby can be one of the most exciting times of a womans life. The miracle of a new life never ceases to amaze and delight us all, but there is always plenty to think about, whether it’s your first baby or you’ve been there and got the t-shirt many times before. When your beautiful baby has arrived, you have to navigate your way through sleepless nights, a million nappy changes with military precision every time you leave the house.

One thing you shouldn’t worry about if you choose to breastfeed is the act itself and a good nursing bra can make all the difference when you are feeding your baby. If you or someone close to you is at the stage where it’s time to think ‘nursing bras’, we can help you find the right one.

The Sophie Nursing Bra

The Ava Nursing Bra by Royce is based on the Sadie, an already popular nursing bra. The Ava is a gorgeous soft cup bra with drop down cups for easy feeding. Don’t worry about support,  our nursing bras have fuller cups that will provide you with all of the support you will need. The Ava comes in a cream or black with a small dot pattern and lace trim. It is available up to a K cup and it comes with three hooks in some The Charlotte Nursing Bralarger sizes for extra support.

The Sophie Nursing Bra by Panache ticks all the boxes, when it comes to nursing bras. It’s really pretty and offers comfort plus support. The soft cup comes in black or candy pink with delicate lace embellishment. The cups drop down to provide ease when breastfeeding. To make this bra even more comfortable the cups have been lined with jersey and in some sizes it comes with plush padding on the shoulders.

The Charlotte Nursing Bra by Royce is a supportive and comfortable bra. This bra comes in nude, white and black (black is available up to a L cup) It also offers three hooks in some larger sizes to provide extra support.

The soft cup bra has drop down cups to make your life easier when breastfeeding – a great everyday bra for you when nursing!


Nursing Bra Advice


Boobs can increase in size when your milk supply comes in so hold off from buying your nursing bra until your baby has been born.

If that’s not possible, leave buying your nursing bra until near your due date and we can make sure you choose a bra which allows room for growth and breast pads.

Whilst breastfeeding we suggest soft cup bras, as they provide more flexibility as your boobs fluctuate throughout the day due to breastfeeding.

Wires can also affect delicate breast tissue and can even increase the risk of mastitis, so a soft cup bra is best.

Are you looking for the perfect nursing bra? Our customer service team are happy to help and advise you in finding the right bra. Contact us on 01926 459859.

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Britain In Bloom

It’s seems whenever you pick up a tabloid paper these days, there is a story about a celebrity pregnancy. In one tabloid newspaper today alone, we counted seven stories about a pregnant or post-pregnant celeb, whether it’s how she shed her baby weight, why she shouldn’t shed her baby weight too quickly, how thrilled she is to be pregnant after years of trying, or just her pregnancy style. We are a nation obsessed with pregnancy!

Later this month you can even watch a film about being pregnant: ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ starring Cameron Diaz charts five inter-connected couples all experiencing the familiar highs and lows of pregnancy. Pregnancy can be like that, for every up there is a down. If you know someone who is expecting at the moment, they may not feel that they are emanating radiance from every pore, or feel positively blooming. They may feel tired, emotional, sick and scared and hundred more weird and wonderful symptoms. If you know someone who’s in their first, second or third trimester, give them a hug this week, or if you happen to pass a pregnant stranger on the street, a smile would probably be greatly appreciated.

Twist Front Dress

Twist Front Dress

Now to the matter of pregnancy fashion, it’s just as important when you are pregnant as when you are not, to look the best you can, and as this has a positive effect on how you feel. So we have been inspired by a wall post on our Pepperberry Facebook page. One customer pointed out that the Twist Front Dress by Pepperberry in navy has been a perfect choice for her first & second trimesters. So if you are expecting or know somebody that is, you may want to look at these fabulous easy to wear options that could work in a pre and post baby wardrobe.

Pregnant and thinking of what you could wear to a Jubilee Party? Look no further than the Frill Front Dress by Pepperberry in green. It is a really pretty dress which is cut under the bust with a waist tie; it flares out, providing enough room for a growing bump. It is made from a silk cotton blend fabric and has sweet puff sleeves and ruffle detailing down the front.

If you’re happy showing off your bump, the Drape Capped Sleeve Dress from Pepperberry will fit the bill. The crossover front, gives plenty of room for pregnancy boob growth and the waterfall drape front will cover your bump beautifully. This dress comes in steel or multi and will hug your curves throughout your pregnancy.

The Woven Floral Gypsy Top by Pepperberry available in red flower is a very easy to wear and totally on trend in this lovely ditsy floral. The woven fabric is really comfortable to wear during or after your pregnancy, and team it with maternity jeans and pumps for a comfy but stylish look.

The Stripe Sun Top

The Stripe Sun Top

If you love this top, you will probably love the Jersey Floral Tea Dress in red. It is cut under the bust, with that flattering crossover at the bust. It has draping over the tummy area to flatter that bump, and because it’s made from jersey, it will be super comfortable to wear too; this would be a perfect buy for early to mid-pregnancy.

If you are after a perfect summer top, the Stripe Sun Top is the one that you want. It is inspired by Morocco and reminds us of a sunset with the gorgeous orange stripe colouring, and the sequins around the neckline. It is fully lined and has wide straps to hide bra straps. This is a gorgeous bohemian style top that would work really well during and after your pregnancy and would be a great summer staple.

Remember all these items are not maternity, but can work just as well and will ensure you look stylish and feel comfortable though the whole nine months.

Smiling Now

If you read the tabloids or the internet gossip sites, you would have seen that Lily Allen got married at the weekend to Sam Cooper. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to take your hat off to her, she has been through an incredibly tough time over the last few years, miscarrying, then losing a baby late in her pregnancy. On her wedding day, she shared some incredible news with her family and friends, that she is pregnant again, and you could see the happiness radiating from her.

Recently Kelly Brook also suffered miscarriage at five months and at the weekend she was out and about and smiling for the cameras once again. The same thing happened to Amanda Holden panelist on the X-Factor, when she was seven months pregnant. She is now back working, playing Princess Fiona in Shrek The Musical.

It’s so great to see these famous women, picking themselves up after such sadness and loss, showing great dignity and strength and moving on with their lives and achieving happiness and success again. Sometimes as women, we don’t always have the most helpful female role models in tabloid news and the media. We can though be very proud of these ladies and wish them all the best.

Mum’s the word

Sophie Nursing Bra in Candy Pink

Sophie Nursing Bra in Candy Pink

Whether you are pregnant with your first baby or adding to your brood with another little one, pregnancy throws all sorts of strange and wonderful symptoms. Some of the joys of pregnancy are bigger boobs (as if they are not big enough already), swollen feet, sensitive skin, varicose veins, stuffy nose, temperature fluctuations, itchiness and that’s just for starters! So with all this to contend with, and looking more like a hot air balloon every day, us ladies really need to feel pretty and feminine, so what better way to do that than with a bra that doesn’t look like your Grandma’s old faithful.

Firstly when you are expecting, it is a good idea to wear a bra without an underwire we can recommend the Charlotte Soft Cup Bra by Royce, it has a soft full cup and can be worn during your pregnancy (and after) and gives a really flattering shape. After your baby is born and if you are breastfeeding, there is the lovely Sadie Nursing Bra by Royce, this is a really comfortable bra that will keep you cool when your hormones are making you hot and bothered, as it has thermo regulating properties, it comes in pink & silver, black & silver and ivory & silver. The last bra definitely worth a mention, is the gorgeous Sophie Nursing Bra by Panache, this is a very pretty nursing bra, made in a soft jersey fabric covered with lace. It has detachable straps for breastfeeding and comes in four colours; candy pink, fuchsia & peach, black and Ivory & Peach.

Every mum-to-be and new mum should be able to enjoy every moment, and a comfortable bra is a great place to start!