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How To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

How To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

How are you doing with your New Years resolutions so far girls? We are already half way into January and here at Bravissimo HQ we have had our porridge for breakfast and have cut down on our usual four morning coffees, but how long will it last? Did you know according to Forbes only 8% of us actually achieve our New Years Goals; that seems a little disheartening, but wait…don’t give up… put down that Chocolate Éclair (other cakes are available) as we are here to help you keep those resolutions! We have compiled our own Bravissimo New Year Resolutions to keep you on track; they’re achievable goals and consequently will help you find the #amazingyou in 2016.

Rule 1-Keep your goals achievable ‘Go to a singing class’ rather than ‘learn two languages and take up the Tuba’             We are capable of so many things, but we have to pace ourselves to make sure that we don’t burn out before we hit February.

Rule 2-Say your goals aloud Announce your goals to your friends and family and they can spur you on. Once you have announced it, you are more likely to stick to it – Bravissimo girls are full of encouragement!

Rule 3-Diarize your goals If you schedule your goals into your daily routine by writing them in a diary or putting an alert on your phone, then they will become part of your day, just as important as the food shop or putting the recycling out or snooping on the Bravissimo website.

Rule 4-Don’t give up We’re only human after all which means we may slip up when starting a new resolution: we may miss a class or lesson if we are too busy. Just forgive yourself and get back on the track when things are calmer.

Rule 5-Celebrate your wins If you have had a particularly good week and have kept motivated, then treat yourself to something: go the cinema, bake yourself a sugar free cake or get your nails done.

ZentangleZentangle has us all tangled up at Bravissimo HQ – we love it!

Bravissimo New Year Resolutions

Love Yourself And especially your boobs. Stop comparing yourself to others: “she’s got better hair” look at her flat tum.” That includes those wonderful boobs – celebrate them in 2016. In life too, remember you only see a snapshot of someone else’s life not the full picture. So when you find yourself comparing, just say ‘Stop’ and focus on all of the beautiful things in life surrounding you.

Get a Fitting– Four out of every ten women are wearing the wrong bra size, so if you suffer from ‘Uniboob’ ‘Bouncing Boobs’ or ‘Escaping Boobs’ pop into one of our stores for a fitting or ring our customer services team on 01926 459 859. Your boobs will thank you!     

Sort that Drawer– Edit that lingerie drawer to make your boobs feel brill. Don’t delay ladies, those baggy knickers, stray socks, and faded bras have to go eventually. Invest in some lingerie that makes you feel and look fantastic. See our new spring range for inspiration.

Get Sporty– Everyone aims to get fit in January and one of the best parts before all that unpleasant running happens is the equipment shopping. First and foremost is making sure your boobs are taken care of, so get a sports bra that feels and looks great.  Check out our selection which has £5 off until January 31st.

Laugh More Build laughter into your life. Laughing is good for you, whether you go and see a funny movie with friends or watch stand-up comedy from the comfort of your own sofa.

Nordic Rose

Nordic Rose – because you can never have too much lingerie!

Get Out Get outdoors and breathe in the air. Try and incorporate a walk in the fresh air every day. You will feel the benefits of walking and the great outdoors.

Grab some U time Life is hectic and we are rushing from place to place, so don’t forget to grab some time for you, read a few pages of a book or just run yourself a bath.

Experience Life Include experiences into your life and step out of your comfort zone. It’s very easy for us to get stuck into the routine of daily life and work that we forget to have experiences. Go to the theatre, go dancing, or enroll on a photography course.

Get Social– People need people. See your family and friends, chat on the phone. We don’t need to rely on social media to make amazing connections.     

Be Grateful– Try to write down a few things everyday that you are grateful for, this will make you feel happier on a daily basis and appreciate the smaller things in life.

Deco Debut

Deco Debut – for the days where you and the girls need a bit of oomph!

All The Best From Bravissimo in 2016