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Spring/summer trends – part 1

Nothing cheers us up like a floral print!

Nothing cheers us up like a floral print!

 There seems to be so many this season so to make things a little easier we’ve put together a list of top trends that you might actually wear this coming spring/summer and there’s no neon in sight.                 


This is top of our list as we often find we wear the same colours and play it safe, sometimes a little too safe. Colour can look bold bright and is more flattering than you think. Yes you can’t go wrong with black but try adding bold flashes of blue, red or orange to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to contrast your colours too; clashing red and purple was a hit on the catwalks for Spring/Summer and makes a statement. We also think there’s something luxurious about wearing such bold colours together, very Sex And The City 2, Abu Dhabi style! Add metallic accessories to complete the look. Our Notch Neck Shift dress in bold red is just the thing for making a colour statement this season.

Wear; jewel tones and luxurious accessories.

Avoid; neon tones.


For a soft way to add volume and texture to your outfit go for a pleat. Whether it’s worn on a top, a dress, a skirt or even a jacket, this subtle detail will add elegance to an outfit and when worn in the right places will flatter any figure. Top tip: if you’re top heavy avoid wearing pleats around the boob area especially when the pleats hang loosely as it will make your bust look much bigger than it is. If the fabric flows you will also loose definition of the waist resulting in a potentially embarrassing ‘is she, isn’t she pregnant’ situation. Instead try a pleated skirt to balance out your frame or fitted pleats such as our Pintuck Shirt for a more structured look.


Each winter we eagerly anticipate what the next spring floral trend will be; will it be bold and bright or an itsy bitsy print, colourful or subtle? Well this season it’s all of the above, for a bo-ho theme go for a small floral print in soft shades and a light fabric such as chiffon. Maxi dresses and skirts are the perfect pieces for bohemian chic just add sandals, a summer hat and a tasselled bag and you’re good to go. Our Chiffon Trim Floral dress will look just as good now with tights and ankle boots as it will in the warmer months with sandals and bare legs. For the bolder types try a big print in a statement colour, a maxi will give maximum impact or keep it smart with a more tailored piece. Our Flower Print Shift dress is the perfect antidote to the winter blues!

Is it the end for Sex and the City?

Farewell SATC

Farewell SATC

Our worst fears have been confirmed as the SATC girls call a day on what has been one of favourite series of all time. The second film did receive some negative reviews, but we loved it anyway! Was it OTT? Yes. Was it highly unbelievable? Yes. But who cares, if it was based on reality the girls would’ve gone to Blackpool (or the US equivalent) and they’d have been wearing high street not high end fashion! One thing we did notice however was that the chemistry seemed different in the sequel, dare we say it, forced. Obviously the elaborate situation in which the girls found themselves i.e. out in the desert riding camels, was far removed from their normal filming routine in New York. But there was still something not quite right in the sequel film, as if the spark had fizzled a little between the foursome. We have to remember though that the actresses have very different lives off screen. SJP is a mother, Kim Cattrall is busy doing theatre and we have to respect the fact that these women have spent a lot of time in each others pockets, so there’s little wonder the chemistry wasn’t quite the same in the second film (even us devout SATC followers have to admit that).
We must be grateful however for the 12 years of Sex and the City we have had, that’s 94 episodes and the two films of course, so maybe it is time for the girls to hang up the Manolos and concentrate on other areas of their lives. We’re not saying that we wouldn’t be delighted if the girls changed their minds and a third film was to come about to conclude as a trilogy but until then we have the box set, the first film on DVD and are eagerly awaiting the release of the second film.

Sex and a different city




As the Sex And The City girls continue to WOW at film premiers all over the world, we can’t help but wonder what happens next to the quartet of women we’ve spent so much of our time with. Will Carrie and Big change their mind about having a family, or will they simply have to move to a bigger place for Carrie’s ever growing wardrobe? Will Miranda and Steve get their happy ever after? If the second film is anything to go by then they’re sure set for martial bliss as they appear like a couple of smitten teenagers sharing longing snogs and embraces that would make a lot of us feel nauseous. Although we do think laid back Steve is perfect for the constantly stressed out Miranda and as she encouraged him to follow his dream of opening his own bar, he returns the favour in the second film…
Will Charlotte and Harry cope with family life when they didn’t think they could have one? They say be careful what you wish for and the sequel sees Charlotte crying uncontrollably in the pantry whilst her girls run rings around her. Could it just be the case of the terrible twos or has Charlotte’s dream of the perfect family turned into nothing more than a fantasy? And finally, Samantha, she’s been the strong independent one the whole way through the series, despite overcoming cancer and ending her relationship with Smith (why oh why she broke up with Smith I don’t think we’ll ever understand) so why change? SATC2 sees Sam up to her old tricks again, leaving her in some rather sticky and somewhat illegal situations. Oh how we will miss laughing out loud at Samantha’s wild antics and matter of fact ways.

Whether there will be a SATC3 or not, we know that the girls will always have a place in our hearts and remind us that relationships will come and go (some might even come back) but friendships are forever. Corny but true.

Have you seen it yet?

It is one of the most long awaited sequels in film history (well, by a lot of us), and now it’s finally here. The second Sex and The City film previewed last week at London’s Leicester square and fans turned up in their thousands to get a glimpse of the girls. Sarah Jessica Parker 45, Kim Cattrall 53, Cynthia Nixon 44 and Kristin Davis 45 proved to women everywhere that you don’t have to be in your 20s to look great. SJP wore a black strapless dress by the late Alexander McQueen and co-ordinating black lace hat by Philip Treacy. Some hard core fans camped outside the venue for 24hours and others wore custom made ‘I ♥ SATC’ tee shirts, proving the series’ popularity in the UK. Plenty of celebrities also went to the premier to show their support for the film, including; Kylie, Amanda Holden, Rachel Stevens, Emma Bunton, Peaches Geldof, Lisa Snowdon, Tess Daly and Kelly Brook.

The series began in 1998 and this could be the last time we see the girls together so if you are planning on going to see the film then why not make a night of it! And we know you’re as excited as we were for the sequel but try not to read too much about it in the press, it will only spoil the surprises and there are plenty! Why not watch the first film before hand and you could even go for a few cheeky cocktails afterwards! Cosmopolitan? Oh go on then!