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New shoes alert!

Men or shoes...? No, we can't decide either!

Men or shoes...? No, we can't decide either!

 Men often wonder why women love shoes so much, yet the answer is simple. Women love shoes because no matter how much our weight fluctuates over the years, shoes will always fit. That way we can justify spending lots of money on them as we will wear them for many years, decades even, whereas the sporting equipment they spent hundreds of pounds on have only ever been used twice.

 As fashion trends change so do shoe trends, therefore we’ve rounded up the top five shoe trends for spring/summer and what they’ll look best with, enjoy!

1)     Wooden wedges; they’ve already been around for a couple of seasons but this time they’re a little fiercer than previous with contrasting materials and stud detailing. Wear with a floaty floral dress to add attitude or with cropped trousers and a floppy hat to channel the 70s vibe.

2)      The ankle tie shoe; this is definitely a look for summer but bare it in mind for when the warmer weather approaches. The look ranges from super high heels to flats and everything in between, however, they all have one thing in common; a very cute tie detail around the ankle. The prettiest of them all is the scarf tie, go for a bold pattern or colour to add interest to a simple summer dress; go gypsy chic with a gingham print or glamorous with an animal print, this style of shoe will also look great on holiday.

3)      White heels; no longer restricted to the stereotyped Essex girl, white high heels are big in the style stakes this season. Wear yours with a floral print dress, tailored trousers or a sharp and stylish pencil skirt. Just don’t go dancing around your handbag whilst wearing them!

4)      Neon heels; if you don’t fancy colour clashing your outfit this season, then add a shot of statement colour with your footwear. In the brightest shades of yellow, pink, blue and green, neon shoes are a great way to get on trend without forking out a small fortune for lots of new outfits. For ultimate contrast where your neon heels with a LBD and a neon handbag in a contrasting colour.

5)      Super flats; give your tootsies a break in a pair of ballet pumps or super flat sandals this season. We do love a heel but couldn’t wear them everyday and so are grateful for the return of the flat. The flat shoe in whatever style, whether it’s a pump, sandal, loafer or brogue style shouldn’t be restricted to day wear. Go for a shiny metallic, embellished or simple chic style and wear on your next night out. You’ll be amazed at just how dressy a flat shoe can look and you’ll be dancing all night long! Wear with a glam maxi dress, maxi skirt or tailored trousers that are cropped at the ankle to shoe off your fabulous flats just make sure you pile on enough accessories and dress the look up to compensate for the lack of heelage!

Footwear Faux Pas

Easy dressing between the seasons

Easy dressing between the seasons

 We’ve worn our trusty winter boots now for what seems like an eternity but with the weather staying persistently cold and the inevitable shift from snow to rain as the climate warms just enough to turn the frozen stuff into liquid stuff, we’re left with one hell of a dilemma; what to wear on our feet?

 As women we tend to notice what other women wear, more so than men would probably notice of other men, so we were shocked to have seen some brave ladies wearing ballet pumps over the past few days. You know who you are. The odd sunny morning however does not a summer’s day make and we’re sure you were regretting the pumps come lunch time, especially if the seemingly sunny day turned into a rainy day; ballet pumps + puddles = wet feet. Fact.

 So it’s far too cold/wet for pumps and we’re bored stiff with boots therefore we need an alternative and what better alternative than brogues? They’re flat (i.e. comfortable), stylish and look great with skirts, trousers and dresses alike. There’s also plenty of choice from the classic black or brown to the more adventurous metallic shades and heeled versions, so whatever your style you can put your best brogue forward when trans-seasonal dressing!

 If brogues aren’t your thing then why not switch your knee boots for ankle boots? Daintier than longer styles but still great for keeping your tootsies warm and dry, ankle boots will also see you into the summer months. Wear them with skirts and dresses without tights when the weather gets warmer. And whilst we wait, not so patiently, for spring we’re going to try a denim skirt with ankle boots or brogues and tights for a wearable look in between the seasons.

Hot Shoe Trends

Hybrid biker boots with wedge heel

Hybrid biker boots with wedge heel

As footwear trends begin to adopt the same fast pace as clothing trends, we now have more shoe styles than we could ever imagine, which means twice the fun when putting our outfits together! Gone are the days of simple footwear choices; flats or heels? Boots or pumps? We now have shoe boots, heeled brogues, wedges, pencil heels or even clogs to choose from, which means that we can have just as much fun with our footwear as we do with our clothing!

Here’s our low-down on this season’s hottest shoe trends, as if you needed any encouraging to go shoe shopping;

Wedges are making a come back this summer but this time they’re much more decorated than previous seasons and are also much higher than before.

Brogues are still big news and look great worn with this season’s smart shorts, heeled or flat.

Translucent shoes, we’re not sure about this look either. We really don’t want to see other peoples toes squished together in a pair of see through shoes. Opt instead for translucent details on heels, sides or straps.

Peep-toes, another fundamental summer shoe trend which can be worn now too! Peep-toe shoe boots are also very comfortable and make perfect alternative to sandals! Or invest in a pair of peep-toe lace up shoe boots to nail the sports wear look. Although we don’t recommend trying to participate in actual sports in such high heels, this could end in disaster.

Clogs are probably the hottest and least expected shoe trend of the season. Clogs are THE fashion shoe buy for the summer. So say Chanel.

Nude shoes, as the trend translates from fashion to footwear, shoes in any shade of beige or peachy pinks will do!

Denim shoes, not since the Spice Girls days have we coveted a pair of denim wedges this much but boy are they back and more grown up this time round.

Futuristic, shiny silver with Perspex details to add a fashion forward look to your outfit.

Hybrid shoes; the wedge that thinks it’s an espadrille, the heel that thinks it’s a trainer, the boots that think they’re peep-toes…? Shoe styles become merged as trends cross over to create new looks, how exciting?!

Now all we need is a little sunshine and a few degrees so we can wear summer sandals and flip-flops again! Time to get those feet buffed and polished girls!

Fashion Feet

We Love Shoes

We Love Shoes

Women love shoes, FACT. Sometimes even we’re not sure why we love them so much, maybe it’s the ability of a pair of shoes to make us taller, or the way that shoes can complete an outfit, maybe it’s because we can rely on a good pair of shoes to never let us down, oh yes, that’s why we love them! Shoes can make us feel sexy, confident and sometimes those extra couple of inches on a pair of heels make all the difference! So now that we’ve ditched the tights we can make the most of this seasons hottest footwear trends. Peep-toe is the way forward this summer, whether they’re sandals, shoe boots or flats. This does mean however, that attention must be paid to getting our feet and toes looking just as good as our new peep-toe wedges! Summer shoes are as bold as summer clothing this season, bright and bold prints for example have not only extended the length and breadth of our wardrobe but have now also extended down to our feet! As the rule goes, the louder the better. Nude shoes are also very now and can have the effect of making our legs look longer (court style shoes in nude tones are best for achieving this leg lengthening effect). Statement shoes can be the icing on the cake of an outfit and if you’re wearing great shoes, no-one will really be looking at the rest of your outfit anyway! So far this season we have seen the return of the wedge, the clog, the neon bright shoe and utility style shoes. There really is so much to choose from, it makes us giddy just thinking about going into a shoe shop! However, to do your new summer shoes justice you need perfectly pampered toes. Colour clashing your shoes with your nail polish is the way forward this summer. Neon pink heels? Wear ink blue nails for effect. Utility grey works well in contrast with tangerine orange, whether you wear grey shoes and orange nail varnish or orange shoes and grey nail varnish, the effect will be just as good either way! Pastel tone nail polish will add interest to black shoes, whilst black polish works well for utility style footwear giving it a hardened edge. White varnish is also great for summer, but looks best when matched with white shoes rather than contrasted with other colours.

Get pampering ladies, this season’s fabulous shoes won’t wear themselves!!