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How to drop a dress size in half an hour…

Did you know that by wearing the right size bra, your boobs are placed where they should be, your waist is defined and this can result in dropping a whole dress size?

So many women are wearing the wrong size bra, by wearing the wrong size your boobs are not properly supported and this can be very uncomfortable and involve lots of hoiking up of the straps and readjusting throughout the day. Also, if the back size of your bra is too big, your boobs can fall much lower than they should be, this can cause problems when trying to find the right clothing size.

At Bravissimo, we don’t use tape measures as we acknowledge the fact that boobs come in all different shapes, sizes and that the volume of the boobs can also vary greatly. Our bra fitters have the experience to know a good fit and how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong size. Our bra fitting appointments are one on one, that way you get our full attention and we help you to find your correct size. And remember, the girls have been there before themselves, so there’s no need to feel nervous. We also understand that some of us can feel a little embarrassed about the size of our boobs, but there’s nothing more uplifting than a properly fitting, comfortable bra that you can wear all day, the size is just a number.

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