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It’s the beginning of August, and we are all looking forward to that much longed-for break. It maybe a wild week away with the girls in Ibiza, a family holiday on a Greek Island, a mini-break to Rome with your other half, or a camping holiday on the Cornish coast. Whatever your ideal holiday is, by the time it arrives, it doesn’t take us long to shake off the working week and forget our daily routine. Our daily routine can sometimes feel like Groundhog Day. When we do eventually get time off, wow, do we appreciate it. There is something about a holiday, we laugh more, we eat well and we sleep better. Sleep is essential for our well being, even if you haven’t been sleeping well or don’t get enough hours per night normally, you can catch up on those important ZZZs in a couple of nights. Then there are the lie-ins. You cannot beat a long, lazy, lie-in. Just knowing that you can drop off at night and won’t be rudely awakened by the shrill of your alarm is enough to make you sleep peacefully. That followed by the knowledge that you don’t have to be anywhere, well that’s just pure bliss!

So when you are thinking about that holiday or short break, don’t forget some lovely new nightwear to make you sleep even better. One very important aspect about Bravissimo nightwear is the integral bra support, as the integral bra will improve your quality of sleep, by providing great support and true comfort all night long.

Gingham Cami Top by Bravissimo Gingham Cami Top by Bravissimo

New in from Bravissimo is the Gingham Cami Top by Bravissimo and matching Gingham Crop Pants by Bravissimo. Available in Gingham Floral, these pretty PJ’s are light, made from 100% cotton, these will keep you cool even on the hottest night. The Cami Top has mock gingham covered buttons and the top is cut under the bust, so it is flattering as well as comfortable. The pyjama bottoms are cropped, which is perfect for summer and they are trimmed by a pretty frill and have a drawstring waist.

Also new in, is the Cotton Stripe Nightdress by Bravissimo in white. It is a gorgeous nightdress that you could happily wear to breakfast on a sunny morning in your apartment or villa, it would also be perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner too. This nightdress is also cut under the bust, but with an adjustable draw cord. It has wire-free integral support with bra back fastening, adjustable straps and is made from 100% cotton, so will feel light and airy and super comfortable, when it’s hot and humid. The stripe design is subtle, but stylish and sexy, you may even be tempted to wear it to the beach!

For more gorgeous nightwear like this, from shorts to robes and lots of sale items too, check out


With Easter behind us and spring in the air, the nights not as chilly as they have been, now is a great time to overhaul your nightwear. Are you happy with your PJ drawer? Is it time to throw the old boyfriend’s T-shirt away, the nylon nightie that sticks to you when you are hot and those mismatched PJs that you have had since the year 2000?

Nightwear itself has had a bit of an overhaul it seems. Walk around any department store and you won’t see any traditional style pyjamas, retailers have realised that us women want more comfort for our money and definitely more style as sleep is too important to compromise on your nightwear. We all have different preferences when it comes to bedtime, some of us like to be covered up & cosy and for some of us less is more when we are tucked up. One thing us Bravissimo ladies all share, is the need for our boobs to be supported whilst we sleep, so you will find super comfortable integral support in every one of our tops or nightdresses. Here is a small selection of the gorgeous nightwear we have on offer.

Racerback Top

Racerback Top

If you like your Pyjamas, but are not keen on the traditional type of PJ top, try the Racerback Top by Bravissimo, it is available in lemon sherbet, which follows the pastel trend for this spring/summer and it has a soft integral bra back fastening for added support. We have received great reviews already for this one simply because of the comfort it provides. One reviewer said “The top is amazing, I have never worn a PJ top that is so comfortable and really keeps you in place”. There are matching PJ Floral Bottoms by Bravissimo too, they have a drawstring waist and side pockets and are available in a lovely ditsy floral print.
PJ Vest Top

PJ Vest Top

If you are not a floral print fan the alternative is our stylish PJ Vest Top by Bravissimo & matching PJ Bottoms. The top features a wirefree integral bra support with back fastening and is available in black or white. It is soft and comortable with some stretch and offers great support while you sleep or relax. You also love the matching PJ Bottoms, you have told us that the fabric is very soft and they are long enough in the leg, for all you taller Bravissimo ladies.

Satin Nightdress

Satin Nightdress

If you like to feel glamorous when you are in bed, our Satin Nightdress by Bravissimo is the perfect nightwear. It is available in this pretty blue satin and is contrasted with black lace, it features an integral bra with soft underband support. This nightie has also got its fans, one Bravissimo lady said, “I was so impressed with how it fits, I feel so sexy and pretty when I wear it”.

For more inspiration, visit one of our stores or browse online and find out which night time style you are. Sweet Dreams.

Are you getting enough sleep?

With the average adult not hitting the pillow until 11.40pm on a weeknight, no wonder many of us suffer from a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can not only leave us tired and cranky but long term sleep deprivation can also lower the immune system. On average adults in the UK are getting just 5 and half hours of sleep a night, way below the recommended 8 hours. There are a number of things keeping us awake; work stresses, money worries, kids waking up, our partner fidgeting throughout the night, hogging the covers, talking or worse snoring in their sleep. And no matter how much you love someone if his or her bedtime habits are keeping you awake at night then something has to be done.

So what can be done to help us get enough shut-eye?

  1. Try Feng Shui in your bedroom, or at least changing it around so that beds are not next to noisy windows or hallways.
  2. Tidy your room. Keeping a bedroom clean and tidy will help to create a relaxed atmosphere. Also try scented candles or lavender oil in a hot bath to help send you off to the land of nod.

    Support your boobs while you sleep

    Support your boobs while you sleep

  3. If you share your bed, invest in a mattress that you both find comfortable. We sacrifice a lot in a relationship but sleep shouldn’t have to be something we compromise on. And one person’s idea of what makes a comfy bed can be another person’s nightmare, so try to meet somewhere in the middle. A king sized mattress might also be worth a thought if you like to have your own space while you sleep.
  4. Wearing the right nightwear can do wonders for ensuring a good night’s sleep, and bigger boobs need plenty of support. All of our nightwear is designed with this in mind and comes fitted with extra support and no wires to make sure you have a comfortable night. Click here to see our nightwear collection
  5. Buy some earplugs. Wearing them in bed can take a bit of getting used to, but if your partner snores or talks in their sleep or if you live in a noisy neighbourhood then simple foam ear plugs can be all that it takes to drown out some of that annoying night time noise.
  6. Exercise, regular exercise is also a great way to ensure a good night sleep. Don’t exercise too late though, as your body could still be on a high from the buzz of adrenaline and keep you from sleeping.
  7. Sleep alone. If all else fails and you just can’t get enough sleep whilst sharing your bed then sleep in different bedrooms. We might have vowed ‘til death do us part’ but if lack of sleep is putting pressure on your relationship then the only thing for it could be to sleep in separate bedrooms. This doesn’t however, have to come with any kind of stigma and could even lead to improvements in your relationship if both of you are getting a good night’s sleep!
  8. Get intimate. On the other hand all that might be needed is a bit of night time fun to help ensure that you both have a good sleep. Sex releases endorphins which research has shown can encourage a sound sleep.