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£5 off sportswear!

£5 off sportwear

We want to help you get active and beat those winter blues by offering

£5 off all full price sports bras and sports swimwear until 31st January*

Whether you’re a runner, a walker, a swimmer, a skier or love to shake it at Zumba, why not invest in new sportswear to ensure you are fully supported while you’re exercising.

The benefits of a well fittings sports bra…

As there are no muscles in the breasts, if you exercise without the correct support, the ligaments can stretch meaning your boobs could have less uplift in the long run. So if you like to hit the gym hard, or prefer something a little gentler, it’s always a good idea to wear a properly fitted sports bra as this will help to protect your boobs, holding them more firmly to prevent bouncing. We offer both underwired and wire-free styles all of which are designed to offer maximum support whilst you exercise.

Guide to a good fitting sports bra…

  • The underband should be firm, lie flat to the skin and not ride up at the back.
  • Straps should be comfortable, stay on your shoulders and not dig in.
  • Your boobs should be fully encased within the cups, not spilling over at the top or the sides.
  • Finally JUMP! Test the bounce factor!

If you need any more advice or you’re looking for a sports bra for something specific, we’d love to help so please call us on 01926 459 859.

*Click here to see full Terms & Conditions.

Back to school essentials

Porcelain Plunge by Panache Bra available in sizes 28 DD – G cup; 30-38 D-G cup

Not all parents think of a bra for their teenager daughters when pulling together the shopping list for Back to School. Normally high up the list is the blazer and school skirt or trousers.

A good fitting bra can make all that difference to the look of the uniform and the confidence of the young girl. If a girl is particularly booby why not invest in a Pepperberry shirt – shaped enough so the buttons don’t pull but in a standard high street size,  adjusted depending on how much boob room  is needed. There are a couple of white shirts currently in the pepperberry sale

A moulded seamfree T-Shirt bra is a great option for underneath a school shirt. For example Bravissimo girls rave about the comfort of the Porcelain bra by Panache as it’s seamless it gives great shape under plain shirts, tops and dresses. A moulded cup provides some modesty to ensure there’s no embarrassments.

Another consideration for school is a sports bra. Whilst this might seem like an expensive option for the uniform if high impact sports are involved it’s essential that a good fitting sports bra is worn.

There are no muscles in your boobs, and without a good sports bra they will bounce during exercise. This is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to your boobs having less uplift in the long run.  As the bounce factor is considerably higher for women with bigger boobs, we need extra support when we exercise, for the comfort and protection of our assets!

The Panache underwired sports bra
has been rated as 4.5 out of 5 for comfort, support and shape.

Bra available in sizes 28 DD-GG cup; 30-40D – H cup

Everyone For Tennis

Freya Active Underwired bra in black

Freya Active Underwired bra in black

Cups of tea, talking about the weather, complaining about the trains, and queuing, just some of the things that make us proud to be British. Another one is the great institution that takes place in London SW19 in late June.

It’s Wimbledon fortnight and everyone is getting a bit overexcited. The All-England Club is awash with the world’s finest tennis players, the seats, stands and hills are packed full of British women cheering on their heroes, eating strawberries & cream, drinking champagne and generally having a great time. It is also the time of year, when your local park’s tennis courts are packed with hopefuls desperately trying to emulate Andy Murray or Laura Robson.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a tennis pro, then Bravissimo can recommend the Freya Active Underwired bra, we have been told by some of our Bravissimo ladies, that this is a great sports bra for high impact sports like tennis. The Freya Active will keep your boobs securely in place, fully supported, but still gives great shape and uplift and is super comfortable too. It comes in a great range of colours, including graphite/lime, red, nude, black and white. We have plenty of the black and white available, and keep checking our website, as the other colours will be back in stock soon. Enjoy the rest of Wimbledon ladies, we know we will.

No Pain, no gain

Bravissimo's D+ Max Sports Bra

Bravissimo's D+ Max Sports Bra

Yippee, it official, summer is on the way. And its fast approaching the time of year when you start exposing bits of your body (legally of course). In Britain, much more skin is on show during the summer months, so many of us are heading to the gym two weeks before our annual reveal, in the vain attempt of getting a beach body we can be proud of.

If you are one of our Bravissimo ladies that will be heading down the gym, it is essential that you invest in a good, supportive, sports bra. We know the problems associated with wearing an unsupportive bra in our day to day life, but did you know that during exercise, your bigger boobs can bounce up to 14cm in a unsupported bra? As well as this being highly embarrassing for you – in front of your fellow gym goers – it’s also bad for your health. Exercising in the wrong bra can also cause breast pain and can result in permanent sagging. In short, finding the right sports bra can transform your workout, and turn you from a gym hater to a gym bunny.

Bravissimo have some great options, for a bra best suited to high intensity sports, with fantastic support, shape and no wire, try the D+ Max Sports Bra by Shock Absorber. Or for an underwire bra, choose the Active Underwired bra by Freya, this is a full cup with flexible underwiring, it is really supportive, comfortable and separates the boobs nicely creating a great shape. Its available in lots of colous, black,white, red, nude and graphite and lime which will be back in stock very soon.

So now you are all set, you will have to come up with another excuse to why you can’t hit the gym!

Broken rules

Get back on track with a new sports bra

Get back on track with a new sports bra

 The plan was to eat healthily everyday, exercise at least three times a week and give up chocolate forever. So far you’ve signed up to the gym, been once and have yet to break into the box of green tea you bought weeks ago. Sound familiar? Then maybe it’s time to refocus and to help you get back on the wagon we’ve got £5 off all sports bras but only until the end of January.

 Get £5 off the D+ Max Sports bra by Shock Absorber, the breathable, quick dry fabric will keep you cool and dry whilst the padded cups and straps make sure you stay as comfortable as possible when working out. Plus, choose from black or white to compliment your gym wear. Or you could add a splash or colour with the Max Sports bra also by Shock Absorber. This style comes in classic black or white plus navy/pink and a fab new teal colour to give your gym gear a colour injection. The double bra back fastening offers great support whether you’re at the gym, out jogging or doing any other form of physical activity. Wear this top on its own or underneath your sports tops, the crop style means that it can be worn as outerwear and we think this bra is so stylish you’ll want to show it off!

  The Freya Active Underwired bra is perfect for those who prefer to have an underwire even when working out. The wire is flexible however, allowing for easy movement. This bra is super supportive and comes in more colours than you can shake a yoga mat at; choose from black, white, nude, red or graphite/lime heck, you could have one for everyday of the working week! We also love the high neck of the Impact Free sports bra by Royce making your boobs feel even more secure whilst you’re busy bouncing around.

 Get £5 off sports bras until the end of January.

Post Christmas health kick

Over indulged this Christmas? Then you’re probably one of many starting a New Year health kick. You might want to loose weight, get fit or both however drastic changes to diet and exercise might work short term but if you’re serious about loosing weight and keeping it off you should really think about your long term goals. Plus taking on too much at once could result in a quick defeat therefore it’s often better to set yourself small goals to boost your morale whilst on the road to a healthier you. If exercise is your main aim try a few different sports and classes, you don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t enjoy it. There are plenty of other sports, classes and clubs you could get involved with without being in a gym environment. If you’re forcing yourself to do an activity you don’t really enjoy then you’re more likely to give up so take the time to try a few different things and see what appeals to you. Get a friend to go with you for moral support/friendly competition or be brave and try something yourself, plus sports clubs and classes are a great way to meet new people. A new hobby and new friends, now there’s a resolution we think we could stick to!

Often the biggest factor acting against us when it comes to regular exercise is time. We often feel like we just don’t have the time to exercise, so we have to get creative;

  • Walk instead of taking the car, a short walk to the shop will burn calories and get our heart rate going. Make it a brisk walk on the way there and a slower pace on the way back as you won’t want to loose your shopping to over enthusiastic arm pumping. Plus the extra weight of the shopping will work out your arm muscles too!
  • Get up half an hour earlier. During those extra few minutes in the morning you could go for a brisk walk, jog or cycle and the extra adrenaline will keep you going all day. It seems like a contradiction that if you expend energy you will have more but it is true, try it for a week and see for yourself.
  • Make the most of your children’s game consoles and invest in some exercise games; from yoga to dance and you can do it in the privacy of your own home!
  • Get the right equipment to protect your equipment. If you do want to take up a new sport then make sure you properly protect your assets with a good fitting sports bra. Boobs, especially of the larger variety, can be put under a lot of stress and strain when participating in sports so avoid unnecessary injury and get a sports bra. We also feel more serious about the sport we’re doing when we’re wearing the right gear. Be it a sports bra, swimsuit, gym gear or something more specialised, it gives us an extra confidence boost and motivation to try that little bit harder.

Fad Diets

As much as we’d like to be able to eat all the chocolate/ meat/ cabbage soup we can in a day (ok not so much the cabbage soup but definitely the others) and still loose weight, we know these fad diets aren’t going to help us in the

Don't forget a good sports bra!

Don't forget a good sports bra!

long run. Diet crazes all promise quick weight loss, but what they don’t promise are long term results and such extreme dieting techniques have led to criticism from the medical world. However much we want a quick fix for that party/wedding/holiday we’ve got planned, we know that it’s not going to give us long term results. The only guaranteed way to loose weight and keep it off is to eat well (with the odd treat allowed) and exercise on a regular basis, simple in theory but much more difficult in practice.  Here are some ideas of how you can squeeze some exercise into your day, so that you can squeeze back into those jeans you used to wear;

  • Walk more: walking is a great form of exercise it involves less impact on your joints than running and doesn’t involve an array of expensive equipment. Try walking places instead of taking the car or parking at the furthest end of the supermarket car park when you do your weekly shop.
  • Take the stairs: climbing stairs is great way of toning up your legs and bum, choose stairs over escalators or lifts to increase your heart rate!
  • Choose a form of exercise you actually enjoy, signing up to a gym if you hate going to the gym is a waste of money and time. Instead try out some of the classes on offer at your local leisure centre, anything from aqua aerobics to boxercise, you’ll never know unless you try. And why not take a friend along with you, that way you can encourage each other and have a giggle at the same time!

Get in shape now and beat the January rush …

Don't forget your sports bra

Don't forget your sports bra

… If you’re anything like us here at Bravissimo, then even the word ‘gym’ sometimes sends a little shiver down your spine! But we’re all guilty of promising ourselves that we’ll start our extreme exercise routine next week, after we’ve just finished doing this or that or the other.

So, if the gym is not for you, why not try something else to keep you in shape? Here are just some ideas;

•    Salsa – so much fun you won’t even know your exercising (until the next day maybe anyway!)
•    Biking – a lot quicker than walking and loads more fun than running
•    Walking – even increasing the amount you walk each day can help to improve fitness levels, just wrap up warm!
•    Cleaning – yes cleaning can burn up to 300 calories an hour and obviously will make your home look great too, get that hover out quick!
•    Gardening – the celebs are doing it so why cant we?!
•    Dancing – is a great way to combine exercise into your night out, a good boogie is great cardio
•    Kick-boxing – it’s a great way to tone up and learn self defence at the same time, it does however require a high level of commitment and discipline and is not for the faint hearted
•    Canoeing – maybe in summer, great fun though
•    Skiing – a fantastic skill to have and is great to do even on a rainy day!

Try to get ahead of the game for Christmas, if you can get into a good routine for a month before Christmas the January health kick will be that little bit easier. If you don’t want to go it alone, get your girl friends together and try something new. One last thing, don’t forget the sports bras ladies!