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Black Swan

Explore your fun side with a cheeky lingerie set

Explore your fun side with a cheeky lingerie set

 Natalie Portman is unmissable as Nina Sayers, the good girl ballerina who is forced to explore her darker side in order to play the coveted lead role as both the virginal white and the evil black swan. The plot elicits desire, rivalry and paranoia and gives an insight (although with a Hollywood spin) into just how dedicated ballet dancers are when at the top of their game. Portman herself trained for a whole year to achieve the moves and the slight frame of a ballet dancer. To an untrained eye it would be difficult to tell her apart from a dancer that had been training all of their life. Although now heavily pregnant we’re sure she’s happy to leave the pliés and pirouettes to the experts!

 Maybe not quite as extreme as the troubled ballerina, but we think that all women have a naughty side and maybe a few other sides too, good and bad. You might have a fun side, a quiet side, a girlie side and a side that just appears from no-where when the handle to the kitchen cupboard door falls off and you simply dig out the screw driver and slap it right back on again. And that’s one of the great things about being a woman we can be strong, caring and sexy all at the same time. So why not explore the different sides to your persona, what will you be this weekend, girlie, fun, glamorous, naughty, flirty or elegant? Just don’t go making friends with any highly strung ballet instructors or mean girls who pretend to be your friend!

How to get maximum impact with minimal make-up

 False eyelashes, smoky eyes and statement lips are all a thing of the past, making way for a minimal make-up look which once mastered will make a statement purely in its simplicity. It seems that the fashion world is finally waking up to what women really want, desirable clothes that real woman can wear, sensible yet stylish footwear (God bless the return of the kitten heel) and now easy to wear everyday make-up that makes the most of what we have naturally.

The look;

  • Flawless velvety skin: this will only be achieved with the right foundation, orange tones are strictly out.
  • Minimal eye make-up: this look is all about structure and definition of the face rather than statement make-up.
  • Defined eyebrows: known as the frames of your face, getting the shape and colouring right is important to achieving the natural look and making the most of your features.
  • Sculptured cheekbones: the key for the new season’s make-up look is having well defined cheekbones. Not only will this create an elegant shape to your face, it will also become the focal point over eyes and lips next season.

 To get this flawless make-up look start with a great base. A foundation with even coverage will blend in natural colour differences in skin tone, use a moisturising foundation for easy application or go for oil free if you suffer with oil prone skin. Dust over your foundation with a light powder to create a velvety finish and remove excess powder from eyebrow and eyelid areas.

 Once you are happy with the base move onto the eye area, finishing with cheeks and lips last so that make-up isn’t smudged when moving from one area to the next. A brown eyeshadow applied just into the crescent of the eye socket will create depth without being too heavy; the shades to go for are taupe, mink, and caramel depending on your skin tone. Mascara should be applied sparingly using just enough to give your lashes a lift but avoiding the clumpy look. A brown mascara will give a softer finish than black.

 If you buy one new piece of make-up this season make it a decent eyebrow pencil. Defined eyebrows are just as important as defined cheekbones for enhancing what you have naturally so make sure you keep them in great shape and add definition with a pencil. An eyebrow pencil will also help you to create a more symmetrical brow by evening out natural differences in length and fullness.

 And finally for the perfect cheekbones, when applying a blusher suck in your cheeks and apply just below your cheekbones, this will give a sharper finish. Go for a brown tone of blusher rather than pink for an autumnal feel. Polish next season is in keeping with the natural/neutral feel of the season so stick to browns, mauvey purples or a simple clear gloss and enjoy a more natural you this year. We love the natural look here at Bravissimo and think it’ll look great with the new season’s floral trend. Check out the early spring collection for inspiration!

Our New Spring Collection is Here!

Check out our new spring collection, it’s full of new styles of lingerie, swimwear and clothing as well as brand new spring colours in some of your favourite styles!

The lovely Alana Bra to a K cup

The lovely Alana Bra to a K cup

The Alana bra now comes in the gorgeous shade of pale aqua, the perfect accompaniment to your spring pastel wardrobe. Both the Ariza and Eliza bra also come in brand new shades for spring and for those days when a plain t-shirt bra just will not do, try the Frankie or Arabesque bra in bright colourful patterns to liven up your day! We also have some great new work wear, the iridescent collection comprises a fitted jacket, uber smart shift dress and tulip skirt in a shimmery slate grey fabric, it will jazz up any office! Mix and match with your wardrobe basics for work and if you’re brave enough, wear the jacket with a sexy basque underneath to nail the underwear as outer wear trend in the evening. We now have more dresses than ever, which are all designed to fit you perfectly. One of our favourites has to be the waterfall dress in scrumptious raspberry. It’s a very flattering style and is sure to turn heads. Got a party to attend? Why not try the sleek satin shift dress for size? This fully lined shift dress with belted empire line gives great shape and is the kind of dress that won’t go out of fashion, it’s a classic! The twist front dress in a divine shade of blue is great for those of you that prefer to cover up thanks to its long sleeves, higher neckline and just below the knee length. It’s a very sexy dress without revealing too much! As well as new clothing and lingerie styles, we’re also bringing you new swimwear and night wear, we’re nice like that! Take a look at our new spring collection.

That should be enough to keep you going, for now!

Out with the old…

Early Spring Catalogue

Early Spring Catalogue

In with the new. There’s nothing better than starting the New Year with a good old ‘spring’ clean. And we’re not just referring to cleaning out your home but clearing out your lingerie drawer too! With loads of fabulous new Bravissimo styles in our Early Spring collection, there’s never been a better reason to be out with the old and in with the new.

Here at Bravissimo, we believe that your underwear should always make you look and feel fabulous, so why not replace anything that makes you feel anything less than this. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Our lovely new Spring catalogue will be out soon too which is packed full of new styles!  So until the weather picks up, you don’t even have to leave the comfort (or warmth) of your own home to enjoy buying from Bravissimo.  Want the new catalogue? Click here to request one.