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Festival Bras for Festival Fever


It’s that time of year again, the noise of bands playing in the distance, making friends with complete strangers, those horrible loos, wrestling with your tent in the pouring rain or blazing sun…Yay, it’s festival season! Whether you are listening to Jazz in the grounds of a stately home or if you are crowd surfing in a field, everybody loves a music festival. The British summer and festivals go together like strawberries and cream. So if you are heading to one of the biggies this summer, like the Isle of Wight Festival, Glastonbury or T in the Park, read on.

You may already have a few ideas on outfits, but what do you take when it comes to festival bras? What would be a striking, comfortable and supportive bra to take to a festival? The Parade Longline Bra by Freya  is the perfect festival bra, it will look great under a vest top with its bold floral straps and if you are lucky enough to have hot weather, this bra is pretty enough to wear as outerwear. Think about teaming it with a pair of denim shorts or a maxi skirt.Festival 2

Or there is our bold and exciting Orchid Burst Bra by Bravissimo, wear it with something slightly see-through for a great festival look. Take a walk on the wild side with the Deco Zest Bra by Freya in yellow and animal print. The animal print straps on this bra will look great under a white or black vest or cami.

For comfort all day, you could opt for a soft cup bra like the Sophie Soft Cup Bra by Panache, it’s pretty enough to be seen, but also lined in jersey and with padding on the straps, so you really won’t know you’re wearing it. If you want to go braless, without actually being braless, then take a look at our strappy tops with integral bras, the Non Padded Strappy Top by Bravissimo in vibrant orange, will go with any of your festival wardrobe.

So that’s our choice of festival bras for the 2015 festival season. No matter what you choose enjoy yourselves ladies, and don’t forget the sunscreen and wellies!

What did you think of our choices for festival bras? Was there any we missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


sleep baby sleep

The end of another weekend. Don’t you just hate that Sunday night feeling when you know that in a matter of hours, you will be getting up and it will still be dark. Braving the train or bus, ducking and diving, so you’re not standing under a fellow commuter’s armpit. Or maybe you will be stuck in long traffic jams on the M25, M6 or M4…Oh how we love the journey to work! But fear not, however stressful and busy your week ahead might be, here are some ideas to give you that lovely relaxing weekend feeling, every day of the week.

Geometric Print PJ Bottoms

Geometric Print PJ Bottoms

Plan your evening meals ahead, so you are not desperately searching the fridge for inspiration, you will also have more time in the evenings to relax. Keep it simple, a chunky soup, stir fry, or Spanish omelette are healthy, quick options. Try a TV free night. When we are sat in front of the box, before we know it is 11 pm and we wonder where the evening has gone, try listening to the radio or reading a book instead. Ring a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages, it’s usually cheaper in the evenings to chat from a landline. Have a soak, this is something we do at the weekend that we don’t do as much during the week. Light some candles, close your eyes, and relax. Have a night out, do something different to the norm, it will break up the week and make you feel re-energized. You could try a zumba dance class or support your local theatre and see a play. Have a couple of early nights, there is nothing like a full eight or nine hours to make you feel rested and it’s just as good as a weekend lie in. Check that you have good supportive pillows, some people swear by silk pillow covers too. Make sure the room is not too warm, and that it’s dark, just like babies we sleep better in a dark room.

To help you achieve that perfect night’s sleep, you will need something comfortable and soft to wear. Bravissimo know how important comfort is to our ladies, so our nightwear and loungewear features integral bras to support you while you sleep.

Lace Nightdress by Bravissimo

Lace Nightdress by Bravissimo

For ladies that are passionate about pyjamas we have the Geometric Print PJ Bottoms by Bravissimo. They are made from brush cotton so are really soft and cosy, they come in the very funky geometric print, with these jammys, you have the option of wearing with the PJ Cami Top by Bravissimo, which comes with wire-free integral bra support and is available in berry, or wear with the new Capped Sleeve Top by Bravissimo, available in black and also with built in wire-free integral bra support and bra back fastening. We are awaiting stock, but more sizes will be available during December and you can purchase now.

For you ladies that are nuts about nighties, the pretty Lace Nightdress by Bravissimo, has had great reviews. It also features a wire-free integral bra support with bra back fastening and is available in berry. You have said, “This one looks amazing on”, “Is the comfiest nightie you have worn” and “Fits perfectly and your boobs stay in place”.

Remember girls, we spend around one third of our lives asleep, so we may as well be comfy!

Be bold and add some colour to your wardrobe

Add some colour

Add some colour

In summer we often feel much braver when it comes to colour. Fashion wise colour palettes usually lighten and brighten like the weather, but there’s just something about the sun shining that makes us want to be a shade or several braver. This can also be said for our holiday clothes, we wouldn’t dream of wearing a multi-coloured kaftan at home, but on a beach in the Mediterranean we don’t think twice about it. So why is it that we enjoy colour so much in summer but don’t seem to wear anything but black in winter? A lot of it is to do with mood, generally during summer and when the weather is nice, our moods are nicer too. Feeling happy then leads to feeling more confident, therefore you’re less likely to feel self-conscious in a colour you wouldn’t normally wear.

It’s always good to know what colours/shades and tones suit you best but sometimes it’s good to step away from what you’d usually go for and try something different. There are so many colours out there it’d be a shame not to wear them. So why not add some colour to your wardrobe this summer and make a statement in colour? Our Dropped Waist Jersey Dress is cut to accommodate your boobs and is so versatile – it can just be rolled up and put in the suitcase (and no travel iron required!) If red isn’t your colour try turquoise, our Jewel Appliqué dress is an elegant cocktail dress, perfect for summer parties. If you like your blues, our Rhinestone Halterneck top in ocean blue is a brighter bolder blue for you to try. However, if you’re a fan of orange then try the Cotton Pleat Summer dress, this piece will add instant colour injection to your working wardrobe. We also have a selection of strappy tops in various colours and some fabulous lingerie in really bright colours. Check out the Summer bra in fiesta, the Alex Bra in sunshine and Camouflage Candy in hot coral.

So why not make this summer, the summer you introduced more colour into your wardrobe?