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Throwing a street party this year?

Earlier this month, the Eden Project promoted the ‘Big Lunch’, this government backed initiative is to encourage people that live in the same neighbourhood to get together and enjoy

Get together with friends for a Street Party

Get together with friends for a Street Party

home-made food together. Over 700,000 people took part last year so why not get involved and organise a street party in your neighbourhood? You probably already vaguely know the people that live on your street, but why not get to know them better and put together an event that could bring your neighbourhood closer together?
We think this is a great excuse for a party and an opportunity to build a stronger bond between families that live in your area. As adults, we tend to make our friends and stick with them and don’t socialise as much as we did when we were younger. So bring the children along, plan your event and get to know your neighbours better over great home-made food, you never know there might be some great cooks on your street, which is always good to know!

Here are some ideas to help you to plan your own party;

  • Get each household to bring a dish from a different country, that way you get to try different dishes as well as experimenting with your own cooking skills.
  • Have a street BBQ, this may require more than one BBQ but the relaxed atmosphere of a BBQ especially when the weather is good can’t be beaten!
  • Go for a picnic, if your street is a less than desirable place to eat or if you’re getting together with a few people on different streets or live in flats, then why not take a picnic to your local park? There will be plenty of room for everyone and you won’t get in the way of those who didn’t want to join the party.
  • Have a tea party, if making enough food to feed a whole street just sounds like too much hard work then go for a tea party instead. So long as there is plenty of tea, enough milk and something sweet to nibble on, everyone should be happy.

Visit for more details and ideas of how to get your own street party started.