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How to wear pastel shades

Pastel Trends

Pastel Trends

Pastel tones are now invading our make-up bags as well as our wardrobes. So here’s a quick guide to getting the pastel make-up revolution right.

  1. Focus on the eyes. Hints of pastel shades should be worn on the eyelid and under your lower lashes.
  2. Don’t over do it by applying eyeshadow too heavily, instead keep it looking soft and pretty by applying colours lightly.
  3. Mix different pastel tones for effect. A brighter flash of green or blue on the lower lid can be balanced out with a more neutral pink or lilac on the upper lid.
  4. Mascara should be applied sparingly, use just enough to define your lashes without clogging them and making them appear too heavy. That way your eyes will look soft and fresh, which is what this look is about.
  5. With the colour emphasis around the eyes, keep the rest of your make-up simple. Use a light powder over your regular foundation to achieve a matte finish this will set off your pastely eyes perfectly!
  6. Add a nude or pink toned gloss to lips to complete this soft bo-ho look, wear your hair in a loose braid and team with a floaty floral dress and denim waistcoat for the full bo-ho effect.
  7. If you’re unsure about pastel tones and think they might not suit you make-up wise then try a pastel nail polish instead. Nail polish is huge this summer as we prepare for flip-flops and sandal weather but whether you decide to clash your polish or match it with your outfit, there is one rule; make it a pastel shade.

Festival Dressing

Festival Fun

Festival Fun

Festivals are fashionable places, but they’re also muddy, crowded and the fact that you only get a shower if you’re lucky makes it difficult to look your best. The general festival look is funky bo-ho, the kind of look that seems easy but actually takes a fair amount of planning and with limited wardrobe space in your tent, multi-functional pieces for clever dressing are essential.

Thanks to the glorious British weather, most outdoor festivals will become muddy so be prepared for anything, from a little soft ground under foot to full on mud baths! That’s why footwear choices should be sensible, don’t take your favourite pair of sandals as they will inevitably get ruined. Wellies are a good idea especially for UK festivals; however, novelty wellies are out. Instead go for a plain black or green and that way more attention can be paid to your outfit!

What to take;

  • Utility style shorts, stylish and practical especially if they have pockets!
  • Plenty of vest/tee-shirt tops always come in handy. Vests and strappy tops with integral support are great as you won’t need to take lots of different bras with you.
  • A couple of skirts/dresses/playsuits, dresses are an easy throw on outfit and will save space in you bag for other things
  • Something warm, we don’t want to sound like your mother, but it does get cold when the sun goes down so a couple of warm layers are essential. Plus a waterproof jacket, light weight layers are usually best.
  • A few funky accessories will dress up a casual outfit, the more bangles the better and festivals are great places to get away with more unusual accessories such as hats, head pieces and more eclectic jewellery so don’t be afraid to be bold and try something new!

What to avoid;

  • We do love a maxi dress, but they’re just not practical. Great for the city or on the beach or in a park but not great for mud, struggling through crowds of people or frequenting the porter-loos.
  • Don’t take anything too expensive, the festival look is somewhat cheap and cheerful so don’t risk loosing your designer sunglasses, I-pod or favourite piece of clothing!
  • Try not to take too many clothes as you will probably stick to a couple of pieces of clothing for the majority of the time (that’s why accessories are great, they allow you to change the look of an outfit without changing the whole thing!

Festival must haves;

  • Cleansing wipes
  • Toilet roll/tissues
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel (clever invention)
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses (the more outrageous the better)
  • Paracetamol
  • Back pack, hands free handbag, that’s what we’re talking about!
  • Dry shampoo and hair accessories to disguise unwashed hair

Happy festivaling!!

Swimsuit and bikini solutions

Swimwear to suit you

Swimwear to suit you

Helpful advice on which shape bikini or swimsuit to choose for your shape. Us bigger boobed girls can have a tough time finding swimwear that fits, we’d like swimwear that keeps us in proportion whilst making the most of our assets.

If you want to define your waist; a full swimsuit will help to create a smooth silhouette and keep your stomach covered. Our Fern swimsuit will do just that, with its clever print that slims the figure and integral support to make sure your boobs stay in the right place. A strapless swimsuit can also help to define the waist, the Casablanca swimsuit in striking red has a detachable halterneck and light tummy control to help you feel your best on the beach!

If you want to slim your hips; a bandeau style top will balance a larger lower half. If however, you prefer a fuller swimsuit then the Chevron swimsuit skims the hips with flattering lines that will also balance out bigger boobs. The Skye bikini has tie detailing to the briefs that will flatter your hips and keep you a little more covered than other brief styles. The pattern on this bikini also creates complimentary lines to flatter your shape.

Boob flattering; styles; if you like a full swimsuit but also like to make the most of your assets than try the I love dots swimsuit. It gives great cleavage with its halterneck shape and deep neck line but remains modest by covering the tummy. With a little light padding the Sahara plunge bikini in cherryade will give your boobs a boost and get you noticed on the beach.

If you prefer to cover up; on the beach then a tankini and shorts combo could be your perfect beach wear solution. The tankini style top will give your boobs all the support they need, whilst the extra length will keep your tummy covered. Shorts also provide a little extra cover for those that are conscious about their lower halves. We have tankini options in the Sandon print which is a colourful spot print, the Athens print, a gorgeous blue and white print with white loop detailing and the Shanghai print which is a beautiful oriental floral print. We also have colour block tankinis for those of you that prefer something more simple. The Geneva swimsuit range comprises tankini, bikini, swimsuit, briefs, shorts and fold over briefs in black or coral pink (tankini and bottoms only). The Dare to Dazzle tankini in Azure is a classic shape in a bold colour which you will wear time and time again thanks to its flattering shape and reliable support! The Cyprus bikini comes with the option of a skirted brief which acts as a mini sarong for those conscious of their bottom halves.

For those sporty; types we have a range of swimsuits for swimming enthusiasts (rather than sun bathing enthusiasts) all with built in wire free support for extra comfort whilst you’re doing lengths!




Some loved it, some hated it, some still haven’t seen it yet but one thing’s for sure this film is worth a watch even just for the elaborate fashion and the idealism of jet setting with your 4 best friends without a budget (a girl can dream).

The sequel to the first Sex and The City film has been long anticipated and so expectations were inevitably high. We were dazzled in the first film by the outfits as well as the boisterous story line, the second film however combines a very (borderline OTT) glamorous storyline with the real issues of marriage, trust and modern relationships. As the girls adjust to new stages in their lives, three of them married and Samantha readjusting to the single gal life, we learn that all is not rosy after you say ‘I do’. The film also brings up the reality of motherhood and for those with children (and without a full time nanny like Charlotte and Miranda) there’s a moment of praise in there for you too!

Although there are plenty of ups and downs between the couples and the girls themselves (without giving too much away for those of you that haven’t seen it yet) they pull through for one another and remind us that no matter what is going on with our relationships, you can always rely on your friends. And if you’re friends with Samantha, get you into and subsequently thrown out of some of the classiest places in the world!

Attention! How to do…

Military Trend

Military Trend

Military chic

The military trend is nothing new in the fashion stakes. However, modern military is about subtle colours and is all in the detail;

  • double breasted buttoning
  • khaki
  • hats
  • fierce footwear
  • and tough accessories

For an easy way to adopt this look, team soft tailored khaki trousers with a crisp white shirt and brown belt. A structured top with double breasted detailing will work well with jeans, but be careful with how this detailing sits, as it can draw too much attention to large breasts. Coats on the other hand are easy to combat the military trend. A simple coat with double breasted buttons is chic but simple enough to be worn all year round. Although, this look has a tough edge, it is still a feminine trend. The key is to use accessories to accentuate your curves. A slim waist belt pulled in over an oversized shirt or worn over a khaki jacket will help to retain a womanly feel.

The military chic look also over laps with another of this season’s big trends, shorts. Tailored shorts which finish just above the knee are the most flattering shape (not all of us can, or really want to wear hot-pants anymore!). Or, if you prefer a more subtle look, over an all out military coupe, try an A-line skirt in khaki or stone, wear with a simple blouse in the office or a sexy cami for an evening.

Summer BBQs

Summer's on its way...!

Summer's on its way...!

It’s almost BBQ weather and we can’t wait to get the coals burning and get our burger buns at the ready! We feel as though we’ve been talking about summer forever, but as ‘real’ summer finally begins we can now get really excited! The British are however, notoriously bad at BBQs. We tend to burn the food, fill our neighbours washing with smoke and always forget something important! It usually rains too, making what was supposed to be a glorious outdoor party into a cramped in door half hearted meal. However, here’s how you can make your BBQ fool proof;

  1. Rather than doing too much planning do too little, when we plan something so far in advance, something is sure to go wrong. I.E. it pours down when we’ve planned our BBQ/summer party. Instead, make your BBQ a spontaneous one to outsmart the British weather.
  2. Get some supplies in, this way you can have your BBQ at short notice and jump on board when you get that, mmmmm… I just fancy a BBQ feeling.
  3. Disposable BBQs do the job just as well as proper ones, well almost, and are great when on holiday or if you have little space to work with.
  4. Try something more exciting. Now, we’re not saying we’re not fans of burgers and sausages but why not try something a bit more exotic on your Barbie? Fish can be fantastic when barbequed and gives a very different taste than other methods of cooking. Spicy chicken thighs also work well and you can’t beat a meat/veg kebab combo!
  5. Ensure you have a yummy cocktail on hand to help to wash down all the BBQ food. One of our favourites is a pitcher of Pimms and leamonade - add lots of fruit such as strawberries, cucumber, apple and orange to give it that extra summer touch.
  6. Planning a BBQ or garden party is also a fantastic reason to get in shape. Gardening is a great form of exercise and as well as getting your garden into shape, you’ll also be getting yourself into shape too!

Summer accessories

Get accessorizing

Get accessorizing

As well as enjoying this summer’s clothing trends we’ll also be making the most of the latest accessory trends to complete our summer wardrobe. Great accessories can make (or break) an outfit, so read on for this season’s hottest accessories…

Summer scarves – are great for jazzing up an outfit with minimum effort. Choose one in a bright bold print to hit the print trend and wear with, well, anything. That’s the beauty of a summer scarf; it can be worn with just about anything!

Sun hats – a cute summer hat is fashionable and practical. We particularly like straw hats in summer, they give a bo-ho vibe, keep the sun out of our eyes and disguise bad hair days, perfect then for summer festivals or when you’re in a rush!

Wedges – high wedges, low wedges, cork wedges, wooden wedges, you name it, it’s in wedge form and we love it! We’re especially into mid-height wedges at the moment, they’re low enough to walk in and be comfortable in all day but they add those all important few inches to make us feel that little bit taller.

Satchel bags – a must have this season, fun, practical and enough room to fit all of your essentials. They’re also on trend for the traveller and bo-ho looks of the season.

Bangles – stack ‘em high ladies. The ethnic traveller look lends itself to jewellery this season by adorning the body in more unusual jewellery such as bangles, toe rings, anklets, and the more the merrier we say!

Make-up – gets a make-over this summer and colour is key. Brightly coloured eye shadow will update your look. Try clashing your make-up with your clothes, nail varnish is the easiest place to start when going for the colour clash.

Cool shades – a snazzy pair of sunglasses are a must, not only to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays but also to make us feel a little glamorous! There are so many styles to choose from that eyewear could be a more difficult decision than your clothing! Better start looking now then!

Salad season

We’re officially done with the soups, stews and stodgy hot dinners of winter. Yes they kept us warm on cold winter nights but now it’s getting to salad weather and we couldn’t be happier about it! They’re quick and easy to prepare, use little cooking equipment and they’re healthy too. But salads don’t have to be boring, make yours exciting by adding unusual ingredients such as fruits and nuts and vary the dressings you use. Having different tastes and textures in a salad will also make it into a more satisfying meal and shouldn’t leave you feeling hungry afterwards. So as well as swapping your wardrobe for something lighter, you can swap your diet for something lighter too!

Try toasted walnuts, goat’s cheese and pear as a mouth watering combination to add to your salad vegetables. Add smoked chicken and balsamic vinegar for extra deliciousness. Why not try making your own dressings? For a simple and easy salad dressing that you can make as and when you need it mix balsamic vinegar with olive oil, ground black pepper, salt and lemon juice.

And if you’re feeling adventurous give some of these a go;

  • Cranberries, they give a tart flavour to a dish and work well with cheeses such as brie.
  • Avocado goes great with nuts; especially walnuts, cook them lightly in a frying pan first before tossing on top of your salad.
  • Apple, fruit is under rated in salads but can often compliment savoury flavours such as pork, turkey and cheeses. Also try grapes (great with goats’ cheese), pineapple or pear.
  • Hot strips of meat (such as bacon, chicken or beef) or hot vegetables make a salad more interesting.
  • Cold meats, roast salmon fillet is just as delicious cold and flaked over a salad as it is hot. Add some peri-peri sauce before baking for a spicy kick to your salad.

Flower power

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without floral prints. Despite their girlie girl image, prints with a flower theme don’t have to be so. Floral prints can be sexy and sophisticated as well as cute and girlie. Give florals an edge by wearing your floaty floral dress with a leather or denim jacket and tough boots. Or dress your look up with heels and a sexy clutch bag.

CL16LIA copy

Frances Bra £24.00

For the boho look wear your flirty floral prints with light wash denim, a waist coat or jacket over a dress will make the look more casual. Accessorise with tasselled bags, shoes and a panama hat for ultimate boho chic. You can also add a hit of flower power by wearing floral accessories. Add floral shoes, bags and scarves to an outfit for an instant summer lift. We’ve also fallen for the appeal of a pretty floral print and have some great lingerie and clothing with a floral theme to brighten up your summer wardrobe. The Frances bra by Cleo comes in a soft lilac floral print and is dainty in appearance but won’t let down with its incredible support. Get the Hawaiian feeling with our Pretty Young Thing bikini, its bright floral print and halterneck style are ultra flattering and perfect for the beach. We also have the Moon Flower bikini with lightly padded cups and tie side detailing on the briefs for a fun and funky look.

The Classic Floral dress is a great example of how florals can look sophisticated. This dress has cross over detailing on the front and back and is nipped in at the waist to create a great flattering shape, perfect for weddings, summer parties or a glamorous dinner date. Proof that shift dresses don’t have to be limited to the office comes in the form of this gorgeous Fancy Floral Frock. It’s THE perfect summer dress. And if you just can’t get enough flower power, we even have floral pyjama bottoms so you can wear florals from day time to evening, on the beach and through the night too!

Seeing spots

Go dotty this Summer!

Go dotty this Summer!

Polka dot is a fun print that will instantly lift your mood and put a smile on your face. Prints are huge news this season and dots are one of THE classic prints that have stood the test of time. Generally speaking small polka dots work best when worn on large surface areas such as jackets and dresses whereas big polka dots have most impact when worn on garments with a smaller surface area such as a polka dot top, bra or if you’re being nostalgic and it’s in yellow, bikini. However, this will depend on the garment and what kind of impact you want to have! Polka dot is definitely a fun trend and therefore works well in bold and bright colours as this reflects the fun nature of the print. Be careful when wearing red polka dot however, as depending on the garment and the size of the dots you could end up resembling Mini Mouse and that’s not a good look (unless you work at Disney Land!).

If you go dotty for polka dots then take a look at our spotty bras, swimwear and clothing. The French Fancy bra by Gossard gives the impression of dots from afar but get up close and you’ll see that the ‘dots’ are made up of tiny star shapes. In gorgeous purple and fuchsia, this bra is an instant mood booster. Booked your summer holiday? Invest in some supportive swimwear to keep you looking and feeling great on the beach. Our California Plunge bikini in vibrant yellow spot is lightly padded bikini and will keep your boobs up lifted on the beach and in the pool. And you can select what size bottoms you want too so that you get the perfect fit all round! If however, you prefer to have less on show on the beach, you could go for the I Love Dots swimsuit. It’s just as supportive as our bikini style tops but has that little bit extra to keep you covered up and feeling confident. Polka dots can work just as well dressed up as they do dressed down. Check out this super smart Animal Spot Shift dress for your formal parties this summer. We also have a purple spot print dress that has an A-line shape that will balance out a top heavy figure. This dress is great for weddings, garden parties and summery days, fingers crossed we get the gorgeous weather to match these gorgeous dresses!