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Spring cleaning

It’s the perfect time of year for a good scrub, clean and sort out. If you’re anything like us girls here at Bravissimo then you might just hoard stacks of magazines too. You keep them for a particular article or image that you want, but you end up keeping the whole thing and forget what it is you wanted it for so desperately in the first place. So we’ve come up with a cunning plan; get a scrapbook to safeguard anything you find of interest then recycle the rest. Better still donate them to your local GP practice or hospital/dentists’ waiting room (as long as you haven’t cut them into shreds already to fill up your new scrapbook). That’s your magazine stash sorted, now for the clothes.

It might be hard but try to throw out all those fashion fads you bought on impulse but know you’ll never wear; those sequin leggings, that prom dress, what were you thinking?! From now on the emphasis in fashion land is about fashion forevers and classic styles rejuvenated with modern twists, rather than quick fix fashion fads. Check out our great basics range for some fashion essentials to see you through spring. We also have a range of classic and elegant shift dresses that can be dresses down for work or glamed up for the evening! Easy, classic and a great fit, what more could you want?

A great way to clear some space, get some new clothes and not spend a penny is to organise a swap shop with your friends. The basic rules are that each participant brings with them a few old clothes that they no longer wear, but can’t seem to part with. The clothes are then laid out for others to swap, borrow or keep and everyone should go home with something new. You know what they say; one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. This can also be done with old boyfriends, but is way more complicated and can get messy, so best stick to the clothes for now ladies!