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Post Christmas health kick

Over indulged this Christmas? Then you’re probably one of many starting a New Year health kick. You might want to loose weight, get fit or both however drastic changes to diet and exercise might work short term but if you’re serious about loosing weight and keeping it off you should really think about your long term goals. Plus taking on too much at once could result in a quick defeat therefore it’s often better to set yourself small goals to boost your morale whilst on the road to a healthier you. If exercise is your main aim try a few different sports and classes, you don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t enjoy it. There are plenty of other sports, classes and clubs you could get involved with without being in a gym environment. If you’re forcing yourself to do an activity you don’t really enjoy then you’re more likely to give up so take the time to try a few different things and see what appeals to you. Get a friend to go with you for moral support/friendly competition or be brave and try something yourself, plus sports clubs and classes are a great way to meet new people. A new hobby and new friends, now there’s a resolution we think we could stick to!

Often the biggest factor acting against us when it comes to regular exercise is time. We often feel like we just don’t have the time to exercise, so we have to get creative;

  • Walk instead of taking the car, a short walk to the shop will burn calories and get our heart rate going. Make it a brisk walk on the way there and a slower pace on the way back as you won’t want to loose your shopping to over enthusiastic arm pumping. Plus the extra weight of the shopping will work out your arm muscles too!
  • Get up half an hour earlier. During those extra few minutes in the morning you could go for a brisk walk, jog or cycle and the extra adrenaline will keep you going all day. It seems like a contradiction that if you expend energy you will have more but it is true, try it for a week and see for yourself.
  • Make the most of your children’s game consoles and invest in some exercise games; from yoga to dance and you can do it in the privacy of your own home!
  • Get the right equipment to protect your equipment. If you do want to take up a new sport then make sure you properly protect your assets with a good fitting sports bra. Boobs, especially of the larger variety, can be put under a lot of stress and strain when participating in sports so avoid unnecessary injury and get a sports bra. We also feel more serious about the sport we’re doing when we’re wearing the right gear. Be it a sports bra, swimsuit, gym gear or something more specialised, it gives us an extra confidence boost and motivation to try that little bit harder.

New swimwear

Whether you’re planning a last minute getaway, a cheeky spa break or simply need a new swimsuit for the pool, we think you should check out our fab new range of swimwear. Plus, unlike many high street stores we sell our tops and bottoms separately so you get the best possible fit and we stock swimwear all year round making it easier for you to find what you want, when you want!

Kashmir swimsuit

Kashmir swimsuit

Take Bo-ho glamour to another level with the fabulous, figure enhancing Kashmir swimsuit by Faubourg. The exotic print with contrasting blues and pinks sure make this swimsuit extra special and that doesn’t get you noticed the boob boosting properties of the halterneck tie and underwire cups most definitely will! Unleash your wild side with the Salvador snake skin bikini by Pureda. The hints of lime and turquoise give this bikini a fun twist whilst the clever fabric adjusters allow you to alter the fullness of the cups. If you prefer to cover up on the beach or at the pool, then we’d recommend trying a tankini. Tankinis combine a longer top and either brief or short bottoms, they are an ideal solution for those who are body conscious and like to keep their tummy covered. The Sun Seeker bikini and tankini allows you to mix and match between a bikini or tankini top and shorts or briefs bottoms so that you can get a set that you feel most comfortable in. The Acapulco swimsuit by Ballet hits the 50s vibe with its gorgeous jade green polka dot print and waist detail shape. This swimsuit also has built in secret support to shape the tummy, bum and bust. With adjustable straps and ties to alter the leg length we think this might just be the most versatile swimsuit we’ve ever had! Wear pool side or on the beach with big sunglasses and an even bigger hat to work the 50s glamour puss look to the max.
See here view our full swimwear range here.

Amazing Grace

Grace Style Swimsuit

Grace Style Swimsuit

She was one of the style icons of the 50’s, a successful actress who went on to be a Princess, the stuff of dreams (or of a Hollywood script). But Grace Kelly remained grounded despite her fame and will be remembered as one of the darlings of the 1950’s. Her impeccable dress sense will long be admired by women everywhere and as we consistently revisit the 50’s for style inspiration we know we can rely on Kelly to remind us how to dress with style.

How to get the Grace Kelly look;

  1. Keep things understated with not a drop of bling in sight, this look is classy not flashy.
  2. Embrace your curves with hour glass silhouettes and high waist skirts and trousers. The classic A-line shape will also help to balance a top heavy figure. Get the look with our classic floral dress, spot print dress or striped cotton dress, perfect for summer parties.
  3. Cropped trousers and chinos are making a come back, wear yours the Grace way with an oversized shirt tucked in and a pair of espadrilles for easy summer days.
  4. Be careful with your colour choices and when wearing a bold colour ensure it’s the centre piece and not a mismatch of other colours and prints. This 50’s icon would probably stay well away from this season’s graphic print dresses but might wear the trend as a silk scarf instead for a more subtle adaptation of the trend.
  5. And finally, a pair of great sunglasses for ultimate Hollywood Glamour, just add a smattering of red lipstick and you’re good to go!

Grace Kelly’s classic looks and amazing wardrobe are now being celebrated in an exhibition at the V&A museum London. The exhibition is on now until the 26th September go to for more details.

Fabulous swimwear

Cyprus Bikini

Cyprus Bikini

Whether you’re planning a holiday, thinking about taking up swimming or just fancy a new bikini, we have an amazing range of swim wear for all of these needs. For ultimate pool side confidence, try a Bravissimo bikini or swim suit. They come in sizes 30-38 D-H and some styles in a 28 back and up to a K cup size. The other great thing about buying a Bravissimo bikini, apart from great fit and support, is that you can order separate sizes for bottoms and tops. So no more having to buy two different sized bikinis to get the right fit! Hurray!

The Cyprus bikini comes in gorgeous fresh spring colours and for those of you that might feel a little conscious in a bikini, the skirted bottoms of this set provide that little extra coverage to make you feel more comfortable on the beach or at the pool. The halter neck style also gives a flattering shape whilst retaining upmost support for your boobs.

We’re also bringing you our first bikini in a 28 back! The Mystic bikini is a beautiful chocolate brown and pink print with tie side briefs. You could however, go tribal with the Africa bikini. This animal print bikini is chic, sexy and glamorous with its sequin detail and halter neck shape; it will make the most of your assets and keep them fully supported too! For something a little different, we have the Pebbles swim suit. It offers the best of both worlds as the style can be worn without the halterneck strap to avoid tan lines but keeps your tummy covered. Hey presto, the perfect answer to avoiding tan lines whilst keeping covered up!

If you prefer something more classic however, try the Geneva bikini in black or coral pink. Its simple shape, choice of swim suit, tankini or bikini might just solve all of your swimwear needs at once! You can also mix and match the bikini or tankini top with shorts or brief bottoms, giving you more choice than ever! We also have a range of full sports swim suits that are perfect for keen swimmers and those who prefer to wear a fuller bathing suit. But they’re just as fabulous!