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Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Pepperberry Tailored Blazer

The Pepperberry Tailored Blazer

It’s the beginning of another working week and the start of a new month. What will be your outfit of choice this Monday, a suit or jeans maybe, or something in between? According to a recent article in a tabloid newspaper, we are a scruffy bunch when we it comes to dressing for work. The accompanying survey said 65% people wear jeans in their workplace and 36% say jeans are part of their weekly working wardrobe. So what is going on? We used to be a nation of smart dressers, from the 40s to the 80s the suit was an essential part of the work look. Men in white collar jobs who didn’t wear uniforms would almost certainly be wearing a suit to work and ladies would wear a suit with a skirt worn, instead of trousers. It is true that many workplaces these days don’t require this level of smart dress, but it is also true that how you dress can affect your performance, change how people view you and how you feel about yourself. If you saw Mary Portas’s latest show on Channel 4; Mary’s Bottom Line, she interviewed hundreds of candidates for only seven positions, one interviewee got the job because he had made an effort with his dress. He had borrowed a suit from a friend, it wasn’t a perfect fit, but he still looked smart and presentable and that is what mattered.

As it is a brand new month you could perform your own work wear experiment. If you usually dress casually, ditch the jeans and opt for the smart instead. Try it for the week and see how it makes you feel, how people react to you and whether it makes difference to your performance and your week. If you are a bit light on work wear, take a look at these great items from Pepperberry’s spring collection, it might give you some ideas.

  • The Blue Stripe Shirt is a classic smart shirt, with small pinstripes and a lovely pintuck detail and there will be absolutely no pulling over the boobs in this shirt.
  • The Sweetheart Neckline Workwear Dress, is a perfect work wear dress available in mink. It’s a fitted tailored dress has a sweetheart neckline and stab stich detailing.
  • The Notch Neck Dress is another gorgeous choice for your working wardrobe, it is available in a cotton stretch fabric and comes in navy. This dress is tailored and skims those curves beautifully, and it has half sleeves with the same notch detailing as the neckline and is finished off with stunning pink lining.
  • The Tailored Pencil Skirt is following the 1940’s trend, enhancing the waist and hugging the hips, this navy skirt makes a real statement with the matching Tailored Blazer, which looks great with trousers too. The blazer has striped lining, which gives it a contemporary feel.

For more work wear ideas like these, check out our brand new Pepperberry summer range.