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There have been some amazing moments over the summer months, and cherished memories that will be with us for some time to come. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and the Paralympics (still yet to come) have put the UK on the map again and there has been a great feeling of celebration and optimism all over the country.

Tanzania Stripe Bra by Bravissimo

Tanzania Stripe Bra by Bravissimo

We are extremely proud and (just a wee bit surprised) that Great Britain did so well in the Olympics and there were some real inspirational moments within the games, for instance Tom Daley’s celebration on winning his bronze medal, anyone would have thought he had won a gold! And winning a medal not long after losing his beloved father. Mo Farah, from a humble start in Somalia, we all hoped he would win the 5,000 metres after winning 10,000 metres, but we didn’t quite believe he could, but he did. Then there was Gemma Gibbons, fighting on in the Judo final with a broken thumb and the iconic moment when she looked to the heavens on qualifying for the final to tell her late mother that she loved her.

This amount of triumph over adversity just shows us that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it. So over the next few weeks, why not think of what you would like to achieve by this time next year, it may something big like a new job, or moving abroad, or it could be learning a musical instrument, or a foreign language, you may want to come and work at Bravissimo! We may not all be the next Jess Ennis, but everyone can set achievable goals and reach them.

Colour Your World

This is the time of year when we bare more flesh, we tend to wax more, use fake tan and moisturize more often. We also might get a bit braver with our clothes and colour choices. The usual grey trousers and black top combo swapped for vibrant patterned maxi dress and fuchsia cardi. We are not so afraid to step out in colour in the summer months and that seems to follow through to our lingerie choices too, white, black and flesh tones are replaced by bright, punchy and ‘in your face’ colours.

Linear Rose Bra

Linear Rose Bra

If you are not yet a convert of bright lingerie, read on…Vibrant colour gives you an instant lift when you wear it, it’s flattering for all skin tones with or without a tan, a coloured bra strap showing through a top, can coordinate with your outfit and look stylish. And if you ever need to strip off in public, you will look utterly gorgeous in your coloured set. Bravissimo have some amazing new brights in our collection that will definitely make you feel more Bollywood then Brentwood. Take a look at some of our favourite sets.

The Linear Rose Bra by Bravissimo is an underwired full cup and is based on the Melrose shape that our Bravissimo ladies love! This bra will offer you more coverage and great support. It is available in mouthwatering raspberry, with coordinating embroidery and it is finished off with contrasting teal patterned bows. It is available to buy with matching deep briefs or a thong.

The Thea Bra by Bravissimo is available in zesty lemon and it comes with matching briefs or thong. It is an underwired plunge and is simple, but really pretty and will give you a lovely rounded shape and also a bit of uplift. Our reviewers already love this bra for its firm fit, gorgeous shape and comfort. One reviewer described it as ‘Sunshine on a rainy day’.

The Tanzania Stripe Bra by Bravissimo is a fabulous looking bra, it is an underwired half cup, and is available in teal/iris in contrasted animal print. It is based on the Demi Diva and Rococo Charm and creates a lovely shape and amazing uplift, a really stunning set and it’s available with shorts or a thong.

We have mentioned the Mai Blossom Bra by Bravissimo before, but it definitely deserves another mention, as it is so vibrant in this Red/Mango print. The Mai Blossom is an underwired balconette and offers super fit and great support. It is available with shorts or thong. Our reviewers love it, for its comfort and shape, one customer commented, “Possibly the most comfortable bra I’ve ever had – no lace under the boobs to irritate, the fabric is really soft”.