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Happy Sunday Ladies! Are you planning a lazy day today or an energetic day? Some of our Bravissimo ladies maybe joining the 40,000 people that are taking part in the Bupa Great Manchester Run. If so, those of us that are still in our Bravissimo pyjamas and are watching it on the box take our hats off to you, as all of you are raising money for much needed causes.

The run is a 10k run, which starts at Portland Street and finishes at Deansgate, for those of you that know Manchester. It was first held in May 2003 and was created as a legacy event following The Commonwealth Games in 2002 and it’s growing in size and stature each year. Actors, presenters, musicians and politicians will all be doing their bit and many brave people who are living with on-going conditions and disabilities will be running too.

Running is an easy sport to take up if you want to get fit. You can start with power walking and gradually move onto running if you haven’t exercised for a while. You don’t need any expensive equipment, just a good pair of trainers and a great sports bra to stop that boob bounce (see below). If you would like to take part in a similar event, there are lots Bupa 5k and 10k runs dotted around the UK. Here’s a list of upcoming events:

    The Bupa Great North 10k, Gateshead, 22nd July
    The Bupa Great Yorkshire Run, Sheffield, 2nd September
    The Bupa Great North Run, Newcastle, 16th September
    The Bupa Great Edinburgh Run, 7th October
    The Bupa Great Birmingham Run, 21st October
    The Bupa Great South Run, Southsea, Portsmouth, 27th, 28th October
    The Great Winter Run, Edinburgh, 5th January
Inspire Sports by Bravissimo

Inspire Sports by Bravissimo

Here are a couple of hardworking sports bras… New and exclusive to Bravissimo is the Inspire Sports by Bravissimo. This is an underwired full cup with double lined cups, with no seams to prevent rubbing while you are exercising. This is our first underwired sports bra to go up to a K-cup. We have already received great reviews on this sports bra, for its lack of bounce and super support. One reviewer said “It passed the bounce test with flying colours”. It is available in black and white.

The Panache Sports Bra by Panache, is an underwired moulded cup available in storm, black or white, and it has a clip to convert it to a racerback. This sports bra was described by one of our Bravissimo customers as the “The best sports bra ever” and another review commented that it offered “Outstanding comfort”. So if you require a sports bra that offers comfort, great shape and amazing support, this one will become a “How did I live without it?”

For more sports bras like these that offer great performance and a run for your money…check out