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Bravissimo Bra Fitting

Bravissimo Bra Fitting

If you happened to be watching TV last night, you may have stumbled upon a show about fitness on channel 4 at 8.00pm. One of the ladies featured visited one of our stores and undertook a bra fitting before she ventured back into the gym. She previously complained that bras were always too tight around the back and she suffered from back pain. She had been wearing a 42MM and surprise surprise, measured by Bravissimo, she was actually a 40K.

New research has revealed that 85% of us ladies are wearing wrong size bra, that’s actually quite staggering when you think about it. We know that wearing the wrong size (especially for us bigger boobed girls) can cause all sorts of problems, back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain, lack of support, poor posture and temporary damage to breast tissue from wires. How do you know you are wearing the wrong size? Here are a few clues.

  1. Look in the mirror, does the back of the bra ride up? It should be fitting horizontally across your back.
  2. Are the straps digging into your shoulders?
  3. Are your boobs spilling out of the top of the cup? If so, the cup size is probably not big enough.
  4. Is there wrinkling in your cup? This means the cup size is just too big.
  5. Do the wires at the front, between your boobs stand forward? If you can get two or more fingers underneath, the cup is too small.
  6. If you lift your arms in the air, does the bra move up? It should stay where it is.
  7. Are you wearing an old bra? Bras lose elasticity over time, so an old worn bra will no longer support you.

As it is the start of a brand new year, make sure going for a bra fitting is one of your new year resolutions and spread the word. Speak to your girlfriends and try and persuade them to go for a fitting too. You owe it to your fellow ladies! Wearing the right size bra can change your life for the better, who wouldn’t want to feel great, for clothes to look nicer, to look slimmer and too banish those niggling aches and pains?

Our experienced fitting consultants are more than happy to talk you through our range of bras and help you find your perfect fit. If you can’t get down to one of our stores, you can ring one of our customer service consultants on 01926 459 859 and they will give you practical fitting advice, right there over the phone.

Make 2012 the year you discover your true bra size.