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A day at the races

It was Ladies Day at Aintree on Friday. Ladies Day marks the beginning of the spring/summer events calendar and the first real opportunity for ladies to show off their fashion credentials and they certainly did it with a bang! If you Google ‘Aintree Ladies Day Fashion’ you will see such a diverse range of occasion wear outfits, some gorgeous, some really not so gorgeous. When it comes to fashion, Ladies Day is about standing out from the crowd (it’s not only the horses that are competing!) but while some have chosen understated glamour with the ‘less is more’ philosophy, some have gone for ‘more is more and lets just add a little bit more for good measure’

So if you have a posh event to attend this summer, how do you get it right when choosing occasion wear? And how do you avoid looking overdressed? The first step is to know your shape, take a look our Body Shape Styling Service and identify which shape you are. Are you Straight, Balanced or Shaped?

Let’s say you are shaped, which means your hips are wider then your shoulders, and you have a well defined waist. You should be choosing styles that fit under your bust or waist and skim over the hips (not tight or close fitting over your hips). This will balance your figure, so your bottom half and top half look the same. The Sheer Hem Dress by Pepperberry would be great for a shaped figure. It is a fantastic choice for many a swanky event, as it is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down. It is a wrap front style dress, which is very flattering for bigger boobs. The sheer and striped hem is a lovely detail and the bow around the bustline can be worn front or back.

Border Print Full Skirt Dress Border Print Full Skirt Dress

If you are straight shape, you have slim hips and legs and a less defined waist. A perfect dress for you would be the Floral Print Dress from Pepperberry. This is also a wrap front dress, so is great over the boobs, it has lovely side pleating and is slim on the hips. The floral print is right on trend for this summer following the retro floral theme.

And finally if you are a balanced shape, this means that your hips and shoulders are the same width and you have a well defined waist, you can wear straight or full styles. The Border Print Full Skirt Dress by Pepperberry would look fabulous on you. Fitted over the bodice with a full skirt this is a classic fifties shape, it has cute cap sleeves and a stunning floral border.

And on the subject of occasion wear, Pepperberry have been nominated for The Prima High Street Fashion Awards 2012, for Best Occasion Wear Collection. If you love our occasion wear, you can vote at their website.