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Let it snow, just not too much…

As we see the first snow fall of the festive season we should be enjoying every flake and making the most of the novelty

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

of having snow at Christmas time. Instead though, we listen to severe weather warnings and the threat of ‘heavy snow fall’.  If we Brits call it heavy snow fall, then what on earth do the Canadians call it? Our heavy snow fall would barely make people from other such countries bat an eyelid. Surely we could learn a thing or two from our counter-parts in colder climates if they can cope with -40 degrees and snow blizzards?! When snow hits their towns and cities, things still work. Taxis still run, trains keep going and people just carry on as normal. So why is it that when it snows in England, we grind to a halt?  The favourite excuse is that we’re just not used to snow.  However, one thing we know for sure, when we do get heavy snow, the kids love it!

So are we hoping for a white Christmas? Yes, we just hope it doesn’t snow too much!