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It wouldn’t be a proper British summer without a good wedding to attend. If you know of anyone getting married this summer, they will have probably tied down most details; the cake, the flowers, the table plan and the dress will be hanging up (covered up) waiting for the big reveal.

When it comes to choosing ‘the dress’ most brides-to-be know the type of dress they are looking for. The most popular style of dress over the last few years has been the strapless fitted bodice, with full skirt. According to a study by and, 73 per cent of brides last year opted for a strapless design, but thanks to The Duchess of Cambridge and her gorgeous lace & satin Alexander McQueen dress, the trend is now changing. She has influenced a real shift in wedding dress design with brides choosing lace, long sleeves and illusion necklines, all inspired by Kate’s dress. In fact, Kate’s wedding dress is so famous; it even has its own Wikipedia page.

Evie Bridal Bra by Panache

Evie Bridal Bra by Panache

One very important detail not to leave to the last minute is bridal lingerie. It is essential for us Bravissimo ladies to get the underwear right; as we know the bra will make or break the dress, however wonderful it is. So if you are the bride-to-be, we would advise ringing your local Bravissimo store and making a 20 minute appointment with one of our fully trained fitting staff. Here is a taster of some of the stunning bridal lingerie available; there are also plenty of options in the summer sale, so you will find bridal lingerie for all budgets.

The Evie Bridal Bra by Panache available in ivory, is a perfect bra if you have chosen a strapless wedding dress. It is underwired and lightly padded, and has detachable multiway straps for other styles of dresses. If you do wear a strapless gown, it will still offer you fantastic support. This bra is really pretty and feminine, with an antique feel. There are pretty matching briefs and a thong available too.

Satine Bra by Bravissimo

Satine Bra by Bravissimo

The Satine Bra by Bravissimo, also available in ivory, is a stunning and luxurious bra. It is a lightly padded plunge and creates amazing shape, but gives great comfort. It would be the perfect choice if your bridal gown has a lower cut neckline. One reviewer said “True to size, made from beautiful light weight material, very soft on the skin and a stunning, yet elegant style”. The Satine Bra is also available to buy with a matching thong or briefs.

For more beautiful bridal lingerie, take a look at, and if you are attending a wedding this weekend, or even getting married, Have a fabulous time.

Wedding season

Wedding Season Wedding Season

Most of us have been invited to at least one wedding this summer. Everyone it seems is tying the knot this year, the best friend, work colleagues, Katie Price, Chelsea Clinton, Robbie Williams and Princess Victoria of Sweden (wow was that an extravagant wedding or what?!). So all you can do is find a wedding suitable outfit or three, secure a date (much more difficult than it sounds if you’re single, as weddings scare the hell out of single men) or alternatively find a good excuse not to go. We’ll let you off for the latter if it’s a colleagues wedding, if you’ve been invited to be in the wedding party however or if it’s the wedding of a family member then you’re going to need a very good excuse not to go! There is always more pressure if you are involved in the wedding party, as a bridesmaid or family member, as this requires much more chit-chat with guests and plenty of posing for somewhat unnatural photographs. On the positive side, you get extra fuss all day and get to wear something more extravagant, which is all good by us!

Weddings are funny things, as although their main purpose is to celebrate the love of two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together, they are also very stressful and expensive even for guests. Like Christmas, weddings seem to have had their meaning lost under all the entrées, limousines and pressure for everything to be perfect. So if you’re getting married soon, planning a wedding or going to a wedding, just try to remember the reason behind all the little things that go towards making the day special.

Top tips for wedding guests;

  1. Always take a gift and a card even if the couple ask for money or have a set list, a gift makes you look thoughtful and generous.
  2. Be on best behaviour and leave the embarrassing drunk uncle act to the embarrassing drunk uncle.
  3. Don’t look in any shape or form like you are trying to upstage the bride. Click here to see some of our wedding worthy dresses with extra room for your boobs which will save you about three weeks trawling the shops for a dress that fits!
  4. Dance! The bride and groom didn’t spend a small fortune on a live band for you to sit down all evening. So dust off your dancing shoes and join in, avoiding the sways of the drunken uncle of course, the last thing you want is beer spilt down a dress that took you the best part of a month to find.

Stick to these golden rules and you’re sure to have a great time, oh and if you’re that bothered, you can practice your catching skills too!

Been asked an important question over Christmas?

Beautiful Brides

Beautiful Brides

Did you know that we do bridal lingerie too? If not you yourself, most of us will know some lucky lady who has been proposed to over Christmas. And as men fall to their knees to pop the question, so starts the task of wedding planning.

As the wedding dress plays such an important role in how we look and feel on the big day, just as much thought should be put in to what is worn underneath. Gorgeous and great fitting underwear will help you to feel that extra bit special the whole day and night long. So brides to be, we have a great selection of lingerie designed with your special day in mind.

The confetti collection, appropriately named, is beautifully embroidered though its delicate appearance still gives fabulous support all day long. It comes as a basque, strapless bra or as a body with matching thong or briefs in ivory or black, for any special occasion. We’re sure this collection will make you feel fantastic worn under any outfit, be it your wedding, someone else’s wedding or not a wedding at all!

If you prefer something more simple, the Zara bra is a great and versatile bra that can be worn with halterneck, cross-over or regular straps. And the push up plunge cups will boost your boobs and give great cleavage.

For more inspiration, take a look at our Bridal Lingerie Guide here