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Footwear Faux Pas

Easy dressing between the seasons

Easy dressing between the seasons

 We’ve worn our trusty winter boots now for what seems like an eternity but with the weather staying persistently cold and the inevitable shift from snow to rain as the climate warms just enough to turn the frozen stuff into liquid stuff, we’re left with one hell of a dilemma; what to wear on our feet?

 As women we tend to notice what other women wear, more so than men would probably notice of other men, so we were shocked to have seen some brave ladies wearing ballet pumps over the past few days. You know who you are. The odd sunny morning however does not a summer’s day make and we’re sure you were regretting the pumps come lunch time, especially if the seemingly sunny day turned into a rainy day; ballet pumps + puddles = wet feet. Fact.

 So it’s far too cold/wet for pumps and we’re bored stiff with boots therefore we need an alternative and what better alternative than brogues? They’re flat (i.e. comfortable), stylish and look great with skirts, trousers and dresses alike. There’s also plenty of choice from the classic black or brown to the more adventurous metallic shades and heeled versions, so whatever your style you can put your best brogue forward when trans-seasonal dressing!

 If brogues aren’t your thing then why not switch your knee boots for ankle boots? Daintier than longer styles but still great for keeping your tootsies warm and dry, ankle boots will also see you into the summer months. Wear them with skirts and dresses without tights when the weather gets warmer. And whilst we wait, not so patiently, for spring we’re going to try a denim skirt with ankle boots or brogues and tights for a wearable look in between the seasons.

How to get maximum impact with minimal make-up

 False eyelashes, smoky eyes and statement lips are all a thing of the past, making way for a minimal make-up look which once mastered will make a statement purely in its simplicity. It seems that the fashion world is finally waking up to what women really want, desirable clothes that real woman can wear, sensible yet stylish footwear (God bless the return of the kitten heel) and now easy to wear everyday make-up that makes the most of what we have naturally.

The look;

  • Flawless velvety skin: this will only be achieved with the right foundation, orange tones are strictly out.
  • Minimal eye make-up: this look is all about structure and definition of the face rather than statement make-up.
  • Defined eyebrows: known as the frames of your face, getting the shape and colouring right is important to achieving the natural look and making the most of your features.
  • Sculptured cheekbones: the key for the new season’s make-up look is having well defined cheekbones. Not only will this create an elegant shape to your face, it will also become the focal point over eyes and lips next season.

 To get this flawless make-up look start with a great base. A foundation with even coverage will blend in natural colour differences in skin tone, use a moisturising foundation for easy application or go for oil free if you suffer with oil prone skin. Dust over your foundation with a light powder to create a velvety finish and remove excess powder from eyebrow and eyelid areas.

 Once you are happy with the base move onto the eye area, finishing with cheeks and lips last so that make-up isn’t smudged when moving from one area to the next. A brown eyeshadow applied just into the crescent of the eye socket will create depth without being too heavy; the shades to go for are taupe, mink, and caramel depending on your skin tone. Mascara should be applied sparingly using just enough to give your lashes a lift but avoiding the clumpy look. A brown mascara will give a softer finish than black.

 If you buy one new piece of make-up this season make it a decent eyebrow pencil. Defined eyebrows are just as important as defined cheekbones for enhancing what you have naturally so make sure you keep them in great shape and add definition with a pencil. An eyebrow pencil will also help you to create a more symmetrical brow by evening out natural differences in length and fullness.

 And finally for the perfect cheekbones, when applying a blusher suck in your cheeks and apply just below your cheekbones, this will give a sharper finish. Go for a brown tone of blusher rather than pink for an autumnal feel. Polish next season is in keeping with the natural/neutral feel of the season so stick to browns, mauvey purples or a simple clear gloss and enjoy a more natural you this year. We love the natural look here at Bravissimo and think it’ll look great with the new season’s floral trend. Check out the early spring collection for inspiration!

Pencil, full or a-line?

Pencil Skirt at Bravissimo

Pencil Skirt at Bravissimo

We love dresses here at Bravissimo, they’re simple, easy and once you’ve found a good fit you don’t need to worry about matching tops or co-ordinating your outfit. But sometimes the extra versatility of a skirt wins over simplicity. Skirts, in particular 1950s style skirts, were seen on autumn/winter 2010 catwalks across the world. Pencil, full and A-line skirts all fit the ladylike theme of the season and we must say they’ve drawn our attention back to this particular garment as we raid our wardrobes to dig out our favourite pencil skirt and think about how we can update the look for the season. Pencil skirts are sexy without being too revealing, the epitome of elegance with just the right amount of sass. Plus, they flatter a curvy silhouette and being a modest length the look remains classy and stylish. Our classic Pencil Skirt comes in grey with piping detailing around the waist to create a flattering effect. This skirt will look just as good with a classic shirt tucked in as it will dressed up with a sheer chiffon top or even a basque. A gorgeous wardrobe staple, whatever you wear with it and an easy office to work party outfit with a swift change of top! Our sequinned skirt makes a great alternative to a party dress this season and has plenty of sparkle in shimmering midnight blue. Or try our Ribbon Appliqué Skirt which has an ultra flattering waist band, sexy a-line shape and beautiful lace detailing which is bang on trend for the party season. If you want a casual skirt however, you can’t go wrong with denim. Denim has had a bit of a moment in the style stakes recently and a denim skirt is a classic piece that you’ll wear time and time again, but don’t think this item is restricted to summer. Simply layer your denim skirt with thick tights and boots for weather proof dressing.

Children In Need at Bravissimo HQ

Just thought we’d share with you a photo of our “Pyjama Party” theme day in the office today for Children in Need.  We’ve had a lovely day and raised money for a very worthy cause.  The girls serving hot chocolate and gingerbread men this afternoon went down a storm ….. 

Children In Need Pyjama Party

Children In Need Pyjama Party

Is summer really over?

Celebrate Autumn!

Celebrate Autumn!

We can’t help but notice the few degrees Celsius we’ve lost over the past few weeks as well as the amount of rain we’ve been having but we don’t think we’re ready for the end of summer just yet. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were getting excited to wear our maxi dresses, flip-flops and worrying about getting ourselves into bikinis for our summer holidays and now we have to face the reality of knitwear and finding a new winter coat. Last winter was a long (and snowy) one so there’s no wonder we’re feeling a little blue over the changing seasons. However, before winter comes autumn and autumn is actually a very beautiful season. Yes it’s generally windier and rainier than summer or spring but with new season trends you can combat the worsening weather with an aviator jacket, a print scarf and a pair of must have shoe boots. Haha! Take that unpredictable weather, we can and will look good whatever irrational weather you throw our way!

Weather proof dressing;

  • Belt your scarf, drape a colourful scarf around your neck and wear with a thin waist belt around your outer layers. This look works well with an oversized cardigan and will stop the wind from blowing your scarf into the face of an unassuming passerby.
  • Invest in weather proof shoe boots. Suede, stiletto heels and shoes with no grip are not weather friendly. This season’s shoe boots however are strong, sturdy and come with a good sole. We recommend a hiker style shoe boot with a slight heel as they have a gripped sole based on a hiking boot, who says fashion can’t also be practical?
  • Layers, layers, layers. It’s the only way to beat the changing weather. If you have recently left the house in piles of knitwear because it was cold in the morning to later melt with the heat when the sun has come out then take note; just because a day starts off chilly doesn’t mean that it won’t brighten up later on. On the same note, just because it’s August still it doesn’t mean that flip-flops and little dresses are automatically considered appropriate dress, if it’s cold outside please put a coat on! 

Next season is all about easy to wear feminine styles so don’t be down in the dumps over the approach of autumn, embrace it in style!

End of festival season

As the big UK festivals are over for 2010 we say goodbye to tents, wellies and mud bathing for another year. But if you missed out this year then we suggest you get planning early for next year. Glastonbury 2011 registration has already opened, so get online pronto if you fancy going to the Daddy of the UK festivals! The thing we love the most about festivals is that you get a lot of music for your money and there are certain things that happen at festivals that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else (some good – the atmosphere and the music and some bad – the porter-loos and general hygiene)! We also love the people at festivals, nowhere else in the world would you meet such an incredible number of people who are as into their music as the folk at festivals. But you don’t have to be a music boffin to enjoy a festival, there are also lots of new and up and coming bands filling the stages in between the main acts so you can discover new music too!

Like the idea of a festival but not so sure about the camping side? Then why not try glamping? For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term ‘glamping’ is basically camping with glamour (or glamorous camping). General rules for glamping;

  • Take the biggest tent you can find, or go one step further and invest in a trailer tent (looks like a normal tent from the outside but step inside and find raised sleeping areas and even a cooker)!
  • Take your duvet, Glampers don’t use sleeping bags, they use their best sheets and have proper pillows!
  • Glampers don’t drink cider from plastic cups they drink wine from wine glasses and make cocktails.
  • Skimping out on food is also a no-no, full picnic hampers and crockery are a must!
  • Every effort should also be made to look good this includes make-up, hair and clothing even if it is a little impractical!
  • Paisley Dress

    Paisley Dress

    Glamping is all about having those extra home comforts but there are logistical issues, with all those pillows and posh crockery you might need an extra day just to get things set up so make sure you factor this into your glamping schedule!

    And what about festival dressing?  If you’re a fan of the festival look and don’t want to pack up your floral dresses and Bo-ho inspired pieces just yet then you’re in luck as Bo-ho is a huge trend for autumn/winter too! For the cooler weather, layer a floral maxi dress with jersey tops worn underneath and a light jacket or heavy knitwear cardigan over the top. Team with flat boots or a peep toe wedge to see you through the autumn months. Our paisley print dress will look great with tights and boots in winter and with a jersey top underneath to get the new season Bo-ho layered look just right!

Gorgeous new autumn styles

Bubbles Bra by Bravissimo

Bubbles Bra by Bravissimo

The new autumn collection has landed and we have plenty of new styles for you to try. Because when you update your wardrobe it’s always nice to have some new underwear to go with it! Here are our top 5 new styles…

  1. The Can Can Bra by Gossard with its red satin floral print and black lace detail will make you feel as desirable as a Moulin Rouge girl. A lightly padded cup will give your boobs an adequate boost and the shorts or thong to match completes the look. Very va va voom!
  2. We just love the sophistication of the Linear Bra by Pour Moi? This beautiful set with its half sheer, half lined cups in the softest shade of heather is a real winner. The contrasting bow detail give this set added femininity, plus you have the option of attaching suspenders to the matching shorts for a 50s glamour feel which is very much in this season.
  3. The Jenny Bra by Freya is another one of our firm favourites this season. As much as we do love our plain comfortable everyday bras, now and again we’d like a bra that makes us feel extra special and we think that this particular style has just what it takes! The contrast of the grey/white polka dot and floral embroidery with subtle hints of red makes for a rather stunning combination!
  4. This season Cleo have brought us the fantastic Lucy Bra, in gorgeous shades of aqua and coral this set is definitely for those who aren’t shy of a bit of colour! Its mesh fabric and scattered embroidery give this bra a fun feel which is sure to brighten up your mood as well as your lingerie drawer!
  5. Exclusive to Bravissimo is the Bubbles Bra its shape is based on the Alana bra but with a fun retro print that will make you feel great whatever you wear over the top of it! Supportive, comfortable and fun too, now if only we could find a man that fulfils the same criteria!

Evening dresses

Evening Dresses

Evening Dresses

As well as great day dresses and sundresses, we also have some divine evening dresses for your more special occasions this summer.

If you prefer classic styles then the Two Tone Dress could be right for you. Its jersey top makes this dress a comfortable fit around the boobs, whilst the thicker woven fabric of the pencil skirt has more structure to it to define the waist and emphasise your curves. Team with black heels and subtle accessories to let this gorgeously simple dress do all the talking.

Looking for a new LBD that is as comfortable as it is sexy? Our Kimono Cinch Waist Dress is one wardrobe staple you won’t be able to live without! Its soft jersey fabric makes this dress super comfy, whilst its wrap over effect front, cinched in waist and cap sleeves creates a stunning shape. This dress is everything a LBD should be; fitted, figure flattering and not too flaunty!

The sophistication of the nude Cotton Lace Shift Dress is undeniable. The classic shift shape is given a fashion make over with lace detail and nude colour. The softness of the chiffon over layer makes this dress feminine, fun and flirty, perfect for any occasion. Wear with soft metallic shoes and accessories to complete the look.

If we were trying to recreate an exotic vacation mood then this is the dress we’d choose. The Jewel Appliqué Dress in a turquoise that screams take me somewhere hot and exotic is the ultimate holiday dress for those special evenings out. The jewelled waist adds a touch of extra glamour and will make you feel totally gorgeous!

Wedding season

Wedding Season Wedding Season

Most of us have been invited to at least one wedding this summer. Everyone it seems is tying the knot this year, the best friend, work colleagues, Katie Price, Chelsea Clinton, Robbie Williams and Princess Victoria of Sweden (wow was that an extravagant wedding or what?!). So all you can do is find a wedding suitable outfit or three, secure a date (much more difficult than it sounds if you’re single, as weddings scare the hell out of single men) or alternatively find a good excuse not to go. We’ll let you off for the latter if it’s a colleagues wedding, if you’ve been invited to be in the wedding party however or if it’s the wedding of a family member then you’re going to need a very good excuse not to go! There is always more pressure if you are involved in the wedding party, as a bridesmaid or family member, as this requires much more chit-chat with guests and plenty of posing for somewhat unnatural photographs. On the positive side, you get extra fuss all day and get to wear something more extravagant, which is all good by us!

Weddings are funny things, as although their main purpose is to celebrate the love of two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together, they are also very stressful and expensive even for guests. Like Christmas, weddings seem to have had their meaning lost under all the entrées, limousines and pressure for everything to be perfect. So if you’re getting married soon, planning a wedding or going to a wedding, just try to remember the reason behind all the little things that go towards making the day special.

Top tips for wedding guests;

  1. Always take a gift and a card even if the couple ask for money or have a set list, a gift makes you look thoughtful and generous.
  2. Be on best behaviour and leave the embarrassing drunk uncle act to the embarrassing drunk uncle.
  3. Don’t look in any shape or form like you are trying to upstage the bride. Click here to see some of our wedding worthy dresses with extra room for your boobs which will save you about three weeks trawling the shops for a dress that fits!
  4. Dance! The bride and groom didn’t spend a small fortune on a live band for you to sit down all evening. So dust off your dancing shoes and join in, avoiding the sways of the drunken uncle of course, the last thing you want is beer spilt down a dress that took you the best part of a month to find.

Stick to these golden rules and you’re sure to have a great time, oh and if you’re that bothered, you can practice your catching skills too!

Sales shopping

Grab yourself a Maxi

Grab yourself a Maxi

The sales seem to have come round quicker than ever this summer, not that we’re complaining. Although it does feel as though we’ve barely had chance to wear our summer outfits before the discounts have started and that means accepting the reality that soon there will be new season clothing in and by new season we mean Autumn/Winter collections AAARRRRRRRRRGH! The sheer thought of winter fills us with horror, so actually we think we’ll make the most of our summer clothes before we contemplate buying knitwear again! Plus, it’s a great time of year to pick up some bargains or some last minute things for your summer holiday!

Hot summer items to make the most of (before it’s too late);

  • Maxi dress, if you haven’t tried one yet then now is the time! Go jersey for day time and accessorise with bangles and long necklaces or opt for silk for an evening/formal look. Patterned maxi dresses are more difficult to pull off, but find the right print and they look incredible.
  • Wedges, heels are going delicate and feminine next season, so make the most of your wedge heels now.
  • Prints always look better and more exotic when the weather is good, so wear yours sooner rather than later at home or on holiday, there’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to set off a bold and colourful print.
  • Anything bo-ho, the bo-ho look with its floaty florals, torn denim and straw hats is definitely a summer trend, it ties in with festivals, summers spent by the beach or in the park having a picnic, not so good in the snow!
  • Utility chic will make way to softer more feminine styles so if you’ve invested in a pair of combat style trousers/shorts/jacket, wear them now. This doesn’t mean however that we’ll all be wearing lady like dresses and skirts next season, trousers are still big news and we predict you’ll be opting for a pair of silk tailored trousers over a dress for your winter parties.