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Is summer really over?

Celebrate Autumn!

Celebrate Autumn!

We can’t help but notice the few degrees Celsius we’ve lost over the past few weeks as well as the amount of rain we’ve been having but we don’t think we’re ready for the end of summer just yet. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were getting excited to wear our maxi dresses, flip-flops and worrying about getting ourselves into bikinis for our summer holidays and now we have to face the reality of knitwear and finding a new winter coat. Last winter was a long (and snowy) one so there’s no wonder we’re feeling a little blue over the changing seasons. However, before winter comes autumn and autumn is actually a very beautiful season. Yes it’s generally windier and rainier than summer or spring but with new season trends you can combat the worsening weather with an aviator jacket, a print scarf and a pair of must have shoe boots. Haha! Take that unpredictable weather, we can and will look good whatever irrational weather you throw our way!

Weather proof dressing;

  • Belt your scarf, drape a colourful scarf around your neck and wear with a thin waist belt around your outer layers. This look works well with an oversized cardigan and will stop the wind from blowing your scarf into the face of an unassuming passerby.
  • Invest in weather proof shoe boots. Suede, stiletto heels and shoes with no grip are not weather friendly. This season’s shoe boots however are strong, sturdy and come with a good sole. We recommend a hiker style shoe boot with a slight heel as they have a gripped sole based on a hiking boot, who says fashion can’t also be practical?
  • Layers, layers, layers. It’s the only way to beat the changing weather. If you have recently left the house in piles of knitwear because it was cold in the morning to later melt with the heat when the sun has come out then take note; just because a day starts off chilly doesn’t mean that it won’t brighten up later on. On the same note, just because it’s August still it doesn’t mean that flip-flops and little dresses are automatically considered appropriate dress, if it’s cold outside please put a coat on! 

Next season is all about easy to wear feminine styles so don’t be down in the dumps over the approach of autumn, embrace it in style!